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We are not out of the woods yet and there is literally no end in sight. Uncertainty at all levels: financial, emotional, psychological…

What’s that got to do with homeopathy?

A lot, actually!

When all this madness started, I could see a lot of “Arsenicum state” around me: people worried about catching the virus, worried about their own health and the health of their loved ones. This was understandable, of course. One of the symptoms of Arsenicum is anxiety, which is often linked with breathing difficulties.

It is not surprising that Arsenicum is actually one of the main remedies for flu symptoms and it is also used as preventative, when people are scared of being exposed to it.

Recently, however, I have come across many cases requiring the remedy Nitric Acid. This remedy is of course the ultra-diluted version of the substance, which is highly toxic in its original form.

I started to doubt what I was seeing. Was I projecting my own stuff onto patients? How is it possible that so many people need this remedy right now?

Let’s look at this remedy a bit closer: what is Nitric Acid?

It is prepared from Nitric Acid, HNO3 also known as ‘aqua fortis’. As most acids, it has a corrosive, burning quality. Therefore it is suited to conditions that present these symptoms, particularly of the skin or gastric area.

What about the mental picture of the remedy? If you think about it, someone suffering from anal fissures or chronic stomach pains is not likely to be that cheerful! They will be prone to restlessnessL trying to find the most comfortable position to sit without feeling pain or anxious about the food they are eating and so on. So far, so very much like Arsenicum.

With Nit Ac, however, we shift a gear: the anxiety becomes more extreme, the restlessness becomes proper dissatisfaction on every level: nothing is right, nobody understands what they are going through, including the therapist. Great impatience to see results, immediate results.

A Nit Ac patient is not a happy bunny! They want to see positive results now-now-now! if a remedy doesn’t resolve a chronic condition that has been there for years, in the space of a couple of days, they are out and ready to try the next remedy or next therapy or start multiple therapies at the same time, hoping that at least one will stick…

This attitude comes from a lifetime of struggles and suffering injustices. Falling out with family members is not uncommon. Past grievances that have not been properly processed and keep popping up in the conversation, while all the time swearing that they are “not the type who bears a grudge”.

This state of mind can be tamed, compensated, subconsciously covered up for years and then this pandemic happens, with all the lockdowns, rules, restrictions and so on.

Well, there is only so much some people can bear! The Arsenicum constitutional type will go into overdrive and turn into a Nit Ac type: all the angst and fear and anger come out! Do you see all these people on social media tearing each other apart about wearing face masks/not wearing face masks? People marching in the streets? People organizing petitions, rallies, organizations for or that social injustice?

Back in March I was telling everyone to take Arsenicum and I really think local authorities should have put it in the water…now, after nearly six months of this, the situation has calcified and degenerated into a Nitric Acid state.

My patients are benefitting from taking Nit Ac right now. The next stage of healing will be Thuja, the “tree of life”, to restore the tree that was split at the roots.



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