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Disclaimer: this article is for information only. Always consult your primary care therapist before starting any new therapy.

How do I know I have parasites? The obvious tell-tale signs are symptoms like: itchiness of rectum, itchiness of the nose, irritability, mental fog, teeth grinding during the night. I see these symptoms very often in children, for example. Then of course, there may be visible parasites present in the stool. However, there are also less obvious signs, like any type of digestion issue: constipation, diarrhea, bloating but also chronic fatigue or sluggish energy, brain fog and more.

How do I test for parasites? Typically, stool tests are performed, however, parasites can literally go anywhere in your body, which means that stool tests are not always sufficient. Personally, I trust my Zyto Bio scan reports or other tests from specialised naturopaths.

How common is it to have parasites? More common than you think! I used to think it was only people who travelled a lot to exotic places or eating unusual foods or raw foods, but since starting my practice, I have seen more and more cases where parasites are at least part of the whole picture. I have learnt that there are many different parasites everywhere: raw food like sushi, but also fresh produce, pork meat, seafood and more. If you live with pets or on a farm, you also have a good chance of encountering parasites. If you have been taking antibiotics or are on medication, your gut and immune system will be weakened and more “open” to parasites.

What is your Parasite Cleanse Protocol? It is a 4-6 protocol that involves four different homeopathic remedies and a supplement.

Is it safe for children? Yes

Do you need to be at home 24/7 in case of die off reactions? No, the die off reaction is minimal and you don’t need to stay at home all the time.

I have a chronic condition, does the protocol cure that? This cleanse is not meant to treat or cure any specific condition, please consult your primary care therapist.

How do I know the protocol is working? Common reactions to the parasite protocol are: more frequent or bigger bowel movements, more energy, more clarity of thought. Depending on what else is going on with you, you may feel other benefits.

Do I need to follow a special diet? While no special diet is required, we all know that sugar and carbs feed parasites and we all know what healthy food is, so I would really use common sense and avoid feeding parasites while at the same time trying to get rid of them.

Is there a better time to start this protocol? Yes: springtime, full moon time, but really, any time you feel you want to do this, is the right time.

I am super sensitive to all supplements, can I take the supplement in the protocol? If you have had reactions before to common supplements, I would avoid the supplement and only take the homeopathic remedies.

How much is this protocol? It is $30 for the Daily Planner, without the remedies and $120 for the remedy kit and full support during the cleanse. Paypal.me/homeopathyheals



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