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This article is for information purposes only; it is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

Hign blood pressure is technically known as hypertension.

Very often high blood pressure comes without any symptoms and therefore the only way to know whether your blood pressure is fine is by getting it tested.

From a homeopathic point of view, asking:”What can you give me for high blood pressure?” doesn’t actually do anything, precisely because without symptoms, a homeopath has nothing to go on!

This doesn’t mean that homeopathy cannot help in cases of hypertension!

It usually runs in families, therefore there is a genetic component and some other details from the patient can point to the right remedy:

typically people with high pressure or high responsability jobs or activities are more prone to high blood pressure. Being overweight is another factor. Stress makes it worse too, of course.

When a person present with headache or vertigo, he must be first suspected for high blood pressure and is then properly diagnosed for hypertension. Very often the patients present without any symptom even though their BP is very high. It is most of the times detected on routine medical checkup or while investigating for other symptoms. The body keeps on adjusting to high BP, hypertension is therefore called as a “Silent killer”.Some patients come with vague symptoms picture like heaviness of head, vertigo, headache, dizziness, weakness, dim vision, lack of concentration, anxiety, dyspnea, palpitations etc.

What can homeopathy do?

it is important to treat the whole person and find the right constitutional remedy. If you look up “hypertension” in a homeopathic repertory, you will see that there are about 200 different remedies for it! This is why there are homeopaths!

Here are a few remedies to consider:


It is suitable remedy when High blood pressure in fully-blooded individuals, and when the symptoms come suddenly and violently. There is rush of blood towards head with hot and flushed face, dilated pupil and accelerated pulse rate. Frequent and congestive type of headache, throbbing in the temporal arteries. There is generalized heat but the person’s hands and feet are cold. Vertigo with headache aggravated form least jar, noise, light etc. Headache ameliorates by covering the head.


The lachesis patient is intensive and talkative, having agitation and inner passion that need an outlet. The patient has many suspicions, revengeful and jealousy is marked. Cannot bear anything tight around the neck and waist and wants loose clothing. Constriction about the chest with suffocative feelings all the time, the condition gets worse after sleep or on waking in the morning. Complaints are due to the suppression of discharges. The female develops symptoms of hypertension at climacteric age. There is marked hemorrhagic tendency.


The remedy is indicated where there is flushed face with beating headache and visible throbbing in the blood vessels of neck, heartbeat is irregular and there is feeling of congestion in the chest. Person is worse in the heat of sun, exposure to sun, sun stroke and after taking alcohol. There is a feeling of being lost in a familiar place is one of the strong indication for this remedy.


Phosphorous person is highly sensitive to external impressions (thunderstorm), very sympathetic, suggestible and desires company. Phosphorous person has many fears and phobias. During hypertension frequent signs includes facial flushing, nosebleed, palpitations and a feeling of heaviness/ pain in the chest. It is for left-sided problems. A strong desire for refreshing things and cold drinks, and a marked improvement after sleeping and eating is other signsfor Phosphorus

Natrum Muriaticum

Natrum murpatient is introverted, highly responsible, overly serious and perfectionist. Patient may has silent grief or past history of grief. There is headache, palpitations and feeling of tension (even coldness) in the chest. The person craves for salty things and has great thirst makes the choice of drug easy. Worse in the heat of sun and better from being alone in a quiet place.

For more information about diabetes and diabesity, check here.



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