Homeopathy Heals

Homeopathy Heal


Disclaimer: this article is for information purposes only and it is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

Homeopathy can really make a difference when it comes to first aid for wounds, falls, burns and even bone fracture and it can also help speed up the recovery after surgery!

The beauty is that you can learn what to do and put together a practical kit with a few remedies to keep at hand, should you or your family need it!

So here is my list:

Concussion, bruises and falls

first of all the signs of concussion are:




-blurred vision

There is nothing doctors can do about it, the only advise is to rest and lie down, however, it is important that the patient remains conscious and please do consult a doctor just in case.

The only thing to do in such cases is grab Arnica 30c or 200c, whatever you have to hand and make a water remedy. Put one pellet in a glass of water and keep dosing every 15 minutes at first and then gradually decrease the frequency to once an hour, twice a day and so on. It is important to keep taking Arnica over a period of days even after the symptoms have gone. The reason for that is that the physical effects of a concussion can take a few days to manifest and you need to make sure that the trauma is completely reabsorbed and that can take a few days.

My son gave me a big fright a few years ago: he slipped and fell, smacking his forehead on the hard wooden floor. I took him home immediately and started the Arnica; a few minutes later he complained of diziness and then of feeling sick. He was then sick and that’s when I knew he had a concussion! I kept the arnica going for the following 24 hours and then I called my chiropractor, who is also a cranio-sacral therapist and she told me to wait a few more days before taking him in for a check up.

The bottom line is that he was fine by the next day and not even a bruise on his head! I did take him for cranio-sacral adjustment, but the “damage” was really minimal, it was amazing!

Bone fracture

If you break a leg or arm or whatever, you need to get to the hospital and get a cast, no question, of course. What homeopathy can do, however, is amazing, because it can really reduce the recovery time and speed up bone repair! The following remedy mix is wonderful:

-Arnica 200c

-Silica 30c

-Symphytum 30c

-Hypericum 30c

One pellet of each remedy can be put in a bottle of water (the quantity of water doesn’t really matter, remember, it’s energy medicine!) and let dissolve. Bang the bottle a few times to dynamise the remedy before each dose and take a sip or a teaspoonful as needed throughout the day.

I have used this mix in many cases and it literally improves things big time. I had a patient who was able to come off morphine for the pain by taking this mix!

One word of caution: hold the Silica if the patient has just been given an implant, like hip replacement or metal screws or pace maker.

Post op care

Arnica is of course the first thing for pain management.

Phosphorus helps coming out of anesthetic.

Any operation that cut into soft tissue, like C-section, breast surgery and so on, can be helped by Staphysagria.

Anything to do with bones can be greatly helped by Silica and Symphytum (but no Silica in case of prosthetic being put in, like hip and knee replacement, metal screws and so on).

Hypericum always helps with those areas full of nerve endings, like hands and feet.

Ruta for cartilage repair and post eye surgery.

On the emotional level, keep Arsenicum and Aconite handy, for anxiety and fear before surgery.

Potencies and dosage: 30c or 200c are perfectly fine. As theses are acute situations, you can dose as needed, multiple times a day.



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