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This is a day with karma 12, which gives a 3. The numbers 1 and 2 represent the sun followed by the moon: a day for ambition, follow your intuition and expand your horizons.

The gemstone that best represents this day is Tanzanite, which we proved in group a few months ago.

Tanzanite is a blue zoisite, only found in one small area of Tanzania (hence the name) and first discovered in the last century. It is therefore quite rare.

It’s colour in raw form is light brown and the final colour depends on the way the stone is treated and cut.

In general crystal healing literature, it has an affinity with kidney function and regenerative properties. Spiritually, it is one of the stones said to bring spiritual transformation and peace.

As Tanzanite had not been proved before, which is why I decided to organize a group proving with students from all over the world.

The results were fascinating!

One prover described Tanzanite 30c as a “cross between Rescue Remedy and Sepia”, referring to the calming effect of this remedy. The majority of the provers experienced a sense of serenity and were not bothered by mundane events that would ordinarily irritate them.

There was a marked feeling of love and attraction to nature: one prover felt attracted to a mountain close to where she lives. I felt moved to spend time in the hot sunshine, despite the fact that I usually stay away from it and heat does not agree with me.

Many of the provers felt they needed to eat light and natural food, a “clean” diet and eat just enough to satiate the hunger, conscious of not taking any more than was needed.

The initial tiredness caused by the remedy, turned into more focussed energy and productivity, with a feeling of accomplishment and self confidence.

Tanzanite is one of the new gemstone remedies explored in my upcoming course on Gemstone Remedies. Check the program and how to sign up here: https://homeopathyheal.co.uk/certificate-course-gemstone-remedies/



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