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I know it’s a cliche’, but I do believe that pregnancy is a blessed state. I certainly loved being pregnant both times and sometimes regret not starting having children earlier than I did: I might have had more by now, who knows?

Sure, it’s not a picnic and there can be issues and complications and this is what homeopathy is for!

Homeopathic remedies are perfectly safe during pregnancy, labour and nursing.

Morning sickness:


This remedy is indicated when a woman feels very ill, with constant nausea and retching. She is extremely sensitive to everything—especially noise, which can aggravate the nauseous feelings. She feels best when lying down and resting. Cool drinks or food may help, but it is hard for her to even think of eating.


When this remedy is indicated, the woman may salivate so much that she constantly swallows it, becoming nauseous. She may also vomit up food that looks undigested, several hours after eating.

Lacticum acidum

This remedy is indicated for “classic morning sickness”: nausea worse immediately on waking in the morning and on opening the eyes. The woman may salivate a lot and have burning stomach pain. She usually has a decent appetite and feels better after eating.


Gnawing, intermittent nausea with an empty feeling in the stomach suggests a need for this remedy. It is especially indicated for a woman who is feeling irritable, sad, worn out, and indifferent to her family. She feels worst in the morning before she eats, but is not improved by eating and may vomit afterward. Nausea can be worse when she is lying on her side. Odors of any kind may aggravate the symptoms. Food often tastes too salty. She may lose her taste for many foods, but may still crave vinegar and sour things.


This remedy can be helpful to a woman who feels a ghastly nausea with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. She looks extremely pale, feels very cold and faint, and needs to lie very still and keep her eyes closed. If she moves at all, she may vomit violently—or break out in cold sweat and feel terrible.

Antimoinium Tartaricum

This is indicated when the nausea is continous, even without actual vomiting. Hyper-salivation, apathy, dullness of spirits. Better for sour drinks like apple or orange juice. Worse for stuffy, warm room.

Labour and delivery


Routinely used every hour
 For muscular-skeletal injuries/swelling of cervix; useful for after labour pain

 Weak contractions
 Contractions with no dilation
 Thick and closed cervix, “stuck”
 Muscular weakness, exhausted, nervous
 Also great for after-birth pains.

 Sharp spasms, contractions feel like electric shocks
 Black cloud – useful memories of a difficult previous birth, miscarriage,       abortion. etc.
 Failure to progress and dilate

 Likely to be effective when Caulophyllum fails to act
 End of labor
 Ineffectual contractions
 Good for anticipation anxiety (i.e. prior to birth)

 Emotional, cries easily, anxious
 Sensitive to pain
 Feels better with open air/fan, lack of thirst

Kali carbonicum

Back labor, better with pressure on the back
 Posterior presentation (sunny-side up)

Bellis Perennis

For after c-section

Nursing remedies

Agnus castus– Remedy for suppression of the milk accompanied with depression.

Belladonna– For the first signs of mastitis. The mother feels hot, red, throbbing. Very intense and sudden onset with pain and extreme tenderness in the breast.

Bryonia – Can be use when the breast is hard, swollen and hot, but pale in color, rather than red.

Borax  – An effective remedy for thrush in newborns. Distinctive white patches on the tongue and cheeks of the body. Extremely sensitive. They will be fast asleep and then are up as soon as they are put down. Startling at the slightest sounds. Also used for a mother with postpartum depression.

Calcarea carbonica – It helps to stimulate milk production.

Causticum -Used to successfully increase breast milk in rheumatic women

Dulcamara– Use it when you are chilly and under-producing milk

Nat mur– Useful for an oversupply of milk. There is a stoic sadness or grief with little or no crying and often only in private.

Phytolacca -Can be used in mastitis for sore, cracked nipples, which hurt when the baby nurses. It is also useful for breast infections (mastitis) where there are painful lumps in the breast.

Pulsatilla -When the person is depressed and tearful. She may weep while breastfeeding and needs a lot of support and company. Used if you are over producing milk. Also used for a milk supply that is erratic, meaning that is good, then it is low, then it is adequate again.

Ricinus communis

– For non-appearance of milk or to increase breast milk. It also increases its flow in nursing women. Castor oil should never be given to prepare a woman for labor, nor for constipation in pregnancy at any time.

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