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This article is for information purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition.

Are you a woman in your forties? Are you circling around menopause with all the symptoms that entails (hot flushes, irregular periods and so on)? Has your metabolism not just slowed down but ground to a halt?

There is no nice way of saying this: once we hit perimenopause or menopause, we just tend to get fat, especially around the middle.

If this is not happening to you, I salute you (and hate you a little bit). The fact is that at some point in our lives, we lose estrogen, progesterone and sometimes the will to live! Yes, depression can also be a consequence of menopause. On the other hand, as we experience mood swings and more stress, we produce more cortisol, which helps our body store more fat…

Conventional medicine can help by topping up our hormone levels artificially, through HRT.

If you don’t want to do that and prefer a more natural way, homeopathy can help a lot, combined with nutrition and exercise.


Homeopathy works by stimulating the individual’s vital force, in order to allow the body to heal itself, therefore a complete consultation is necessary in order to choose the remedy that is right for you!

However, here are some examples of remedies that can work well in this situation:



This homeopathic remedy is prepared from the white chalky substance underneath the mother of pearl in the shell.

Some of the many indications for this remedy during menopause would be:

  • Hot flushes moving upwards
  • Hot sweats and perspiration on face and hands
  • Palpitations, chills.
  • Flooding during menses
  • Vaginal bleeding during and after menopause
  • Backache, joint pain, weakness
  • Swelling of joints / fingers, osteoporosis, arthritic lumps.
  • Yeast infections, cervical erosion, varicose veins.
  • Anxiety.
  • Symptoms are likely to be worse before menses and during menopause they may be fatigued and cold with little apparent reason.

Sugar and carbs cravings are quite common with this remedy and tendency to gain weight. Stress causes issues with memory and concentration. Heat aggravates, therefore symptoms are worse in the summer.


This homeopathic remedy is prepared by using the ink squirted by the cuttlefish. Interesting, unlike most other molluscs, cuttlefish have their shell inside their soft, gelatinous bodies.  They squirt ink when they need to escape a situation, as this provides fast camouflage and a distraction to their predator, meaning they can make a fast escape.

This remedy has a marked affinity with the female sex organs.

Some of the many indications for this remedy during menopause would be:

  • Complete loss of sex drive, sensitivity and irritability of female organs, pain during sexual intercourse (vaginal, uterine, ovarian)
  • Vaginal discharge, vaginal dryness, yeast infections,
  • Hot flushes moving upwards with profuse perspiration
  • Weakness after a hot flush
  • Profuse perspiration of genitals
  • Weight gain, but appetite can increase or decrease
  • Fainting, weakness, palpitation
  • Flooding during menses with periods often arriving early.
  • Anxiety- when flushing, when hot, evening,
  • Hysteria, depressions, emotionally unstable
  • Irritability, over-sensitive, confusion, memory loss
  • Prolapse
  • Sensations would include a dragging down, bearing down feeling, with some women feeling that if they do not cross their legs, their insides will fall out.
  • This is again another remedy that could be considered for ailments from hormonal therapy.
  • Physically they may be worn out, faint, prone to constipation and cystitis, and generally exhausted.
  • They will feel much better for vigorous exercise, dancing, napping, crossing their legs, walking fast.
  • Someone needing this remedy may have a ‘heaviness’ about them, and may seem quite weary of their life, not seeming to get joy from things they used to.  They may say they are indifferent to loved ones (especially husbands), and may talk of ‘escaping’ their usual lives.


Diet fads come and go: keto, paleo, blood diet…there is no protocol and no one-size-fits-all. Everything in moderation, as long as it’s freshly made and possibly organic! Because Mother Nature doesn’t do labels, the colour of fruit and vegetables tells us what vitamins and minerals we are getting and we need all of them! So the more colourful the food on your place, the healthier it is!

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