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Numerology is one of the most ancient disciplines and it encompasses all cultures.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors figured out that the universe works with frequencies and energy and numbers are the symbols of these energies. Measuring physical distances and learning the orbits of planets was vital for navigation and trade but there was more than that. Thousand of years ago, before the pyramids, before the age of Pharaohs, mathematical patterns and theorems had already been discovered. For a long time, only high priests and a small, selected number of initiated had access to this knowledge.

Just like astrology, which is also based on numbers and mathematical equations, this important knowledge was first outlawed, forbidden, hidden and then, when it could not be hidden anymore, it was ridiculed and devalued, reduced to mere “superstition”.

Clearly, neither tactics worked, because both astrology and numerology are not only still here, but they are also going through a renaissance and more and more people are going back to it.

Over the years, I have realised that numbers are everywhere, you cannot escape them: music, science, even religions present specific numbers.

To my surprise, homeopathy is full of numbers too and why shouldn’t it be?

Therefore, this year I am publishing a Gemstones Advent Calendar paying attention to the numbers around us, because everything is linked!


The number for this date is: 1+12+2023=20=2

The number two in numerology corresponds to the Moon.

Some gemstones are particularly linked with the moon and one of them is Pearl:

Technically, pearls are not gemstones: they are secretions from a living creature, that is the oyster. They are minerals, however, mainly calcium carbonate, like the remedy Calc Carb. As you know, Calcarea Carbonica is made from the material that makes up the oyster shell, therefore you can see the connection between Pearl and Calc carb.

Natural pearls are rare and that is one of the attractions. The other one is that they are pretty too! We are now able to culture pearls artificially, since the early 1900’s but before then, all pearls were natural and therefore much more rare and expensive!

In all cultures and times, pearls have been seen as symbol or modesty and purity. They are also associated with the moon and female nurturing and intuitive power.

In homeopathic terms, Pearl remedy has a lot in common with Calc Carb: the physicals are very similar (weight gain, craving for sweets and carbs). Like Calc Carb, there is an affinity with bone structure and female organs.

Being inside the shell, recalls the idea of “protection”, that Calc Carb also has. Calc Carb has the longest list of fears in the repertory, why? If you were a mollusc with no other defence than your shell, would you not be scared of anything than might come inside? The polarity of it is claustrophobia, which Calc carb also has.

Pearls are formed over time, slowyly and, in a way, painfully. The mollusc isolates the “intrusive” particles coming inside by wrapping them up in this nacre, in concentric layers, like onions. Therefore it’s no fun for the mollusc! It’s probably comparable to having a tumor.

Therefore we have beauty coming from patience and pain. That’s what wisdom is, isn’t it? Think about the expression “pearls of wisdom”.

We can think of Pearl as the later stage of Calc Carb. Someone who has lived and learned and practiced patience and endured a lot. On the other side of that is no bitterness and no regrets, just wisdom and compassion.

The other side of the coin, is loneliness and a sense of isolation. That can bring fear. The Pearl fears are more extreme and dark than Calc carb fears. Paranoia and spiritual turmoil.

Pearl remedy can bring balance to our emotions and a sense of peace.




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