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A few months ago, this new remedy came into my consciousness through an acquaintance.

The nosode Strep-Pyogenes has been available for a long time already but this new Strep remedy is different.

first of all: what is strep?

Also known as Strep A, this is a common type of bacteria that can give flu-like symptoms:

sore throat


swollen glands

body aching

Like all bacterial infections, it can result in complications and ,therefore, it is not to be taken lightly. The traditional way of dealing with it is prescription antibiotics.

This bacteria is so common that it can be dormant in our system, without giving any symptoms. It is quite contagious and it can be passed from mother to baby in the womb, which is why, in some countries, pregnant women get tested for strep A and given antibiotics, even if asymptomatic.

A new miasm?

In homeopathy we often talk about miasms: the genetic susceptibility we all have, given our DNA make up. Strep is not considered a miasm in itself but perhaps it should.

The new Strep-Tilch nosode

German doctor and homeopath Andreas Tilch discovered this new remedy, made from the same bacteria but with a different preparation, compared to the “old” strep nosode remedy. To learn more about the details and history of this remedy, you can watch my interview with Andreas Tilch

After training with his course on how to use the remedy, I started taking it myself first (recommended) and then prescribed it to some of my patients.


This is a very deep acting remedy. It works on your emotional and existential level, particularly in the higher potencies. The surprising thing is that you do not have to have experienced strep infection symptoms, in order to benefit from this remedy. However, chances are that you did go through strep as a child or perhaps even carry the bacteria without any symptoms. A couple of centuries ago, tuberculosis was a very real, very widespread and common disease. It defined our collective for generations. The nosode Tuberculinum is still a very commonly prescribed remedy, because we still carry the imprint of this disease in our DNA. Strep is the nosode for our times, in the same way. This is why it can be prescribed homeopathically for a wide range of issues.

The results I have had so far in my practice and on a personal level are very profound: children on the autistic spectrum are making cognitive and behavioural improvements on this remedy. It seems to improve OCD behaviour and anxiety greatly. Cases of PANS and PANDAS are particularly interesting, because they typically start after a viral infection or a strep infection.

This remedy shows once again how healing is a process of self discovery and self awareness. It is not about “fixing” this or that particular issue: that will be a by-product of what is a truly transformational journey.

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