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The 3rd of December gives us the number 4. In numerology, this is the number of Uranus.

The theme of this number is news, something unexpected in any area of life, so watch out for unexpected things that are not necessarily bad, they may be good opportunities that come very quickly and you need to have good reflexes to seize the moment.

One of the crystals with this uranian, transformative energy is Moldavite.

Moldavite is a tektite, which is a glass that forms from the force and heat of a meteorite hitting the Earth. Moldavite is a distinctive green colored tektite that formed around a crater in the Czech Republic almost 15 million years ago. It has a wrinkly or fern-like pattern on its surface, and since it is only found in one place on Earth it is more expensive than other forms of tektite. However, a small piece can still be quite powerful.

Technically, it is not a crystal: it does not possess the typical crystal formation but it is rather a blob of molten rock, solidified into this translucent type of glass.

Moldavite is very popular for crystal healing as a catalyst for spiritual awakening, evolution, and transformation. It is a stone that some people have a quite dramatic response to.

It can be used to enhance lucid dreaming, increase psychic abilities, align and clear your chakras. But most of all, by asking for Moldavite’s help, you can kick-start a transformation to release any blocks you may have to living your true purpose. Expect synchronicities, breakthroughs, and flashes of insight that propel you forward on your quest to live an authentic life.

Moldavite has recently become popular owing to its association with the extra-terrestrial as well as its spiritual and metaphysical healing properties. Many individuals associate moldavite with transformative powers. The fact that it can only be found in one area on Earth means it will run out eventually and there will be nothing left for us to mine, which is one of the reasons why moldavite is so expensive.

The homeopathic remedy

This is the remedy of truth. By that I mean that whatever is unresolved or brushed under the carpet, will come up and out with this remedy and this can be a very uncomfortable process. Therefore, I would be careful with this remedy and make sure the patient is ready to embark on such a process.

Moldavite can help those cases that are “stuck”, where there is no improvement perhaps due to some emotional block or other obstacle to cure.

On the physical level, Moldavite is a good remedy for burns, like Cantharis and can also be useful in cases or exposure to radiation, side of effects of chemo, for example.

As a remedy, it has a very strong energy, therefore, it is not a remedy for those with a weakened immune system. Some people cannot handle simply wearing a moldavite pendant!

Uranus is the planet for electricity and quick changes, Moldavite is the perfect matching gemstone remedy.



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