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in numerology, the numbers for December 5th 2023 add up to number 6, the number related to Venus.

This is a day for beauty, love and luxury, so pamper yourself!

The perfect gemstone remedy for today is Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is composed of silica with an exquisite pink colour. The pink colouring comes from traces of manganese. Unlike other natural crystals, rose quartz is not found in individual formation, rather in groups of expansive formations. The stone also has the characteristic of asterism: this is the star shaped effect on its surface under a strong light. This is true of most gemstones, however, in rose quartz, the effect is apparent when the light is shone on the opposite side of the stone, rather than directly.

From source to keynotes:

The pink of the stone is universally recognised as giving a sense of warmth, love, gentleness.

The expansive formation gives us the clue as to the lack of emotional boundaries, the limitless of love.

The light that shines through is the light of love that shines from within to without.

Cancer miasm comes through: compare with Carcinosin.

The crystal is known as the “Love Stone”, which unlocks the heart chakra to various forms of love. This expression and impression of love manifests as self-love, love for others and intimate romantic love. The high and pure energy of quartz gives rose quartz the property of enhancing love virtually in any situation.

 This gemstone supports the embodiment of forgiveness, gentleness, kindness and tolerance. It generates a heightened sense of self-worth, elevates self-esteem and the feeling of being enough. Rose quartz develops inner awareness of childhood wounds and merges them with peace and calmness.


      Affinity with the Heart Chakra, opening it to heal unresolved emotional trauma


      History of sexual abuse, particularly by the Father


      Lack of energy

      Brings syphilic miasm and miasmatic blocks to the surface

I have prescribed this remedy a lot, to all those who need to be more gentle to themselves: mothers, carers or chronically ill loved ones, those who have had their heart broken (metaphorically). This remedy does not apply to women particularly, it is about love and openness.

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