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Disclaimer: this article is for information purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose of treat any medical condition.


How much do you trust pharmaceutical drugs? If you are reading this, I am guessing, not too much!

And you would be right in my humble opinion. First of all: how many drugs do you know that have been recently recalled because of really dangerous side effects? How many do you know that have caused dangerous side effects but have not been recalled (yet)?

On the other hand, how many of the thousands homeopathic remedies do you know that had to be recalled? The answer is a big fat ZERO!

One of my patients sent me this link recently, about a certain drug for asthma that her son was prescribed and had taken for years.

When I took her son’s case, he was 13 year old and, as well as having the common symptoms of asthma, he also had the following symptoms:

-constant tiredness


-sleep issues: sleep-walking

-night terrors

From the homeopathic point of view, these symptoms pointed to the remedy Stramonium.

Yet Stramonium didn’t do anything at all.

Therefore I got the idea to check out the side effects of that particular drug, to see if perhaps the drug was causing those issues. I thought it was a long shot, I mean: how would a drug that is supposed to help with asthma and allergies cause mental issues?

To my surprise, those mental symptoms were indeed listed on the drug description!

And now the FDA is officially warning the public about it!

Long story short, with the help of homeopathy, the boy’s mother managed to gradually decrease the dosage of that drug and now he is completely drug-free and all the symptoms have gone, including asthma!

I am happy about that, of course, but the question is: how many children are still on this drug? How many are being unnecessarily damaged?

Thank God for homeopathy!

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