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Yes, I am at that time in my life too! Right now I am in perimenopause, which is the gradual winding down of the cycle, before it stops completely. The body is producing less oestrogen and progesterone and this can produce some well known and undesired side effects, like:
-hot flushes
-over-profuse and long periods
Allopathic medicine has HRT and antidepressants, which are not great options in my opinion, with all those nasty side effects. Especially when homeopathy can be so effective in supporting us in our new time of life!
So here are some of the best known remedies for menopause (but please remember there are dozens more and you need to consult a homeopath to find your own individual remedy!)

Calc carb

Hot flushes moving upwards
Hot sweats and perspiration on face and hands
Palpitations, chills.
Flooding during menses
Vaginal bleeding during and after menopause
Backache, joint pain, weakness
Swelling of joints / fingers, osteoporosis, arthritic lumps.
Yeast infections, cervical erosion, varicose veins.
Symptoms are likely to be worse before menses and during menopause they may be fatigued and cold with little apparent reason.

Sudden hot flushes with clamminess in the day
Hot flushes in the face, red face,
Heat and burning in the top of the head
Flooding during menses (thick, black, offensive blood)
High blood pressure, palpitations, sensation that heart is too large, dizziness
Fibroids, haemorrhoids, diarrhoea
Heavy bleeding – nose bleeds, vaginal bleeding, haemorrhage.
Perspiration of genitals
Convulsions, weakness, vertigo, tinnitus
Feeling of constriction – for example, sensations that clothing is too tight, that nothing can be worn around the neck.
Generally symptoms will feel much worse upon waking after sleep (many people needing lachesis may say they went to bed fine and got up feeling terrible),and also for any suppression whether it be emotional, mental or physical, as well as just before menses. As soon as the flow begins, symptoms can improve.
They may also feel better when they eat and swallowing food.
This is also a great remedy to consider if HRT has been started and there has been an adverse reaction.
A person needing this remedy could be quite suspicious and jealous, and have quite a high sex drive. They are likely to be very talkative and can become over-excited


Complete loss of sex drive, sensitivity and irritability of female organs, pain during sexual intercourse (vaginal, uterine, ovarian)
Vaginal discharge, vaginal dryness, yeast infections,
Hot flushes moving upwards with profuse perspiration
Weakness after a hot flush
Profuse perspiration of genitals
Weight gain, but appetite can increase or decrease
Fainting, weakness, palpitation
Flooding during menses with periods often arriving early.
Anxiety- when flushing, when hot, evening,
Hysteria, depressions, emotionally unstable
Irritability, over-sensitive, confusion, memory loss
Sensations would include a dragging down, bearing down feeling, with some women feeling that if they do not cross their legs, their insides will fall out.
This is again another remedy that could be considered for ailments from hormonal therapy.
Physically they may be worn out, faint, prone to constipation and cystitis, and generally exhausted.
They will feel much better for vigorous exercise, dancing, napping, crossing their legs, walking fast.
Someone needing this remedy may have a ‘heaviness’ about them, and may seem quite weary of their life, not seeming to get joy from things they used to. They may say they are indifferent to loved ones (especially husbands), and may talk of ‘escaping’ their usual lives.


Hot flushes (especially of the face), and the rest of the body can feel quite chilly at the same time.
Hot sweats during the night and from heat.
Vaginal bleeding, nose bleeds, varicose veins, skin bruises easily.
Rheumatism, particularly of the hips, osteoporosis.
Incontinence, constipation.Insomnia, palpitations, headaches, migraine (left sided), tinnitus.
Weight gain, fluid retention.
Changeability of symptom
Interestingly, although this person may be very sweaty, and may even have a dry mouth, there may be little or no thirst.
Generally the person will prefer to be outdoors, or to constantly have a window open.
They may be very weepy, and may say they often feel much better when they have had a good cry.
They are eager to please, and may have strong fears or feelings of abandonment, taking great pleasure in being listened to and are quite dependent on others.
This is a great remedy to consider where there is a history of hormonal disturbance, for example miscarriage, infertility.


Dizziness, difficulty breathing, feeling faint
Hot flushes, night sweats, general feeling of being hot and bothered.
Fibroids, hair loss, weight gain
Allergies may begin at menopause
Cardio-vascular issues – palpitations, irregularities, tachycardia, angina
Skin rashes
Irregular menstrual cycle and pre menstrual syndrome.
Chronic cystitis
Yeast infections, with a constant craving for sugars and wheat.
Vaginal dryness
Constipation alternating with diarrhoea.

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