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Someone was asking for advise on this, so here it goes!
Bedwetting can be hard on the child (embarassement, guilt, confidence issues) and the parents (all that washing to do!), so, even though it is not a major health issue, it’s still something we can do without, right?

KREOSOTUM 30- Kreosotum is one of the most indicated medicines for bed wetting. Here bed wetting occurs in the first part of the sleep with dreams as if urinating in the urinals. The child finds it difficult to wake up from deep slumber.

EQUISETUM 30- Equisetum is another effective remedy for bed wetting where the urination is painful.

The child wet their pants or bed for no known reason other than out of habit.

CAUSTICUM 30-Causticum is prescribed when involuntary urination is worse in winter and better in summer.The children wet their pants when they cough or sneeze or even laugh.

CINA 30-Cina is best for bed wetting due to the presence of worms in children. There is irritation of the nose causing constant desire to pick, or scratch or press in it.There is extreme ill humour, heightened irritability and commonly gritting teeth during sleep.

BENZOIC ACID 30- Benzoic acid is prescribed for bed wetting where strong smelling urine of low specific gravity occurs. The child wet the bed several times during sleep. Another feature is urine smelling of ammonia, like horse’s urine.

MEDORRHINUM 200-Medorrhinum is indicated as a general remedy for bed wetting, passing large quantities of pungent smelling urine or scanty or highly coloured or copious pale urine with pungent odour.

SEPIA 200- Sepia is another effective remedy and it is more suitable to yellow sickly girls.Sepia is specific for wetting the bed during the first sleep. The child wets the bed as soon as she goes to sleep or passes urine within two hours of going to bed.

SULPHUR 200-Sulphur is best for wed wetting , found in pale, lean children with large abdomen who love sugar and highly seasoned food. Child hurry to urinate , when there is sudden call.

PSORINUM 200- Psorinum is prescribed for bed wetting as an intercurrent remedy when well selected remedies fail. Bed wetting following suppression of eczema, or eruptions or after acute severe illness.Psorinum child wets the bed , especially during full moon.

CALCAREA CARB. 200- Calcarea carb is prescribed for bed wetting in children who eat dirt and other indigestible things.

PULSATILLA NIG. 30-Pulsatilla girls wet the bed during the day as well as night. They are poor sleepers and eat too much.Wetting the bed following measles.

VERBASCUM THAPS. Q—Verbascum is effective for bed wetting of long standing , resistant treatment.

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