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Homeopathy for autism, what evidence is there?

This article is for education purposes only, it is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

While there is yet no known cause or cure for autism spectrum disorder, homeopathy has been used to improve the symptoms of and help many children and their families.

As homeopath and mother of a child on the spectrum, you can check my story and methodology here, as well as all the testimonials.

What I have never done (so far) is run a study on the results I have seen over the years. The main reason for that, to be perfectly honest, is lack of time: I work alone and supporting my patients and researching takes all of my time, on top of raising a family.

That is not to say that I will not collect data and show my results at some point in time.

Until then, you can check these amazing studies for yourself: https://aurumproject.org.au/autism-research-case-studies/

As practitioner, I can see what a difference even a slight improvement can make on the quality of life of not just the child but the whole family!

Can you imagine what it must be for a child to have night terrors every single night since birth? Can you imagine the toll that must take on the whole family? That is only one symptom! Yet, if you can improve that you gain so many benefits: the child is more relaxed, the mother and the rest of the family can sleep, the whole quality of life in the home improves so much on every level!

Homeopathy can do that and much more!

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