What happens after your child is diagnosed with autism?

Many parents report feeling almost numb for a while. Then the news sink in and there are two choices:

-you accept your new reality and start looking for educational support and whatever therapies are available where you live, if any. You accept that worrying about your child’s future and being constantly anxious comes with the territory.

-The news kickstart your personal quest for knowledge and solutions to help your child achieve her/his potential, whatever that may be. In other words: you don’t give up.

If you are like me, you are probably like  me, which is why you are reading this!

Would it not be great to know that there is something you can do to help your child?

Isn’t it wonderful to learn that there is hope and it is possible for your child to be healthier and happier?

My story

My son was diagnosed with autism when he was four years old.

He was non verbal at the time, incredibly hyper active and very aggressive and destructive. Despite all this, I guess my husband and I were both in denial, because we did not expect such a diagnosis and we were completely floored at the news.

I will never forget driving home from the clinic in stunned silence. My husband decided to stop on the way to buy a bottle of wine. Once at home, we put the kids to bed and we drank the whole bottle and talked about what to do next. We decided then that we would try anything to help our son, even though we had no clue where to start.

This didn’t work for us

My research took me to biomedical treatments. I learnt about the gut-brain connection and the role of nutrition. However, the following treatments did not work for us:

-biomedical treatment with tons of supplements

-DNA test

-GAPS diet

-Nemechek Protocol

-hair test and detox with NAC and other supplements


If you have already tried all of the above and have not seen much results, I hear you and I also know how much it cost!

If you haven’t tried these treatments, I can say from experience that they don’t work for everyone.

Homeopathy gave me hope and my son back

All I wanted was for my son to be able to communicate. The fact that he couldn’t tell me if he was in pain or what was wrong or what he had done at school that day was devastating to me.

I knew how frustrated he was at not being able to make himself understood and that made me feel like a failure as a mother. It doesn’t matter how happy and healthy your other children are, “a mother is always as happy as her unhappiest child”, that is so true!

Homeopathy was literally my last resort. I didn’t even know what it was, but I was willing to try because it is:

-gentle, non invasive


-simple, no complicated protocols to follow

-relatively inexpensive (compared to all the other things I had tried)

When my son started to say his first few words and look more “present”, I knew I had to learn more about this and that is how I am here talking to you now.

Fast forward a few years and this is how much my son has improved:

-his speech is perfectly fine for his age

-he is much calmer and focused

-no anger or aggressive behaviour

Is he completely “recovered” then?

No and I don’t know if he ever will be. That doesn’t mean it is not possible and he is still very young. However, looking back, there are so many things I never thought my son could achieve:

-he is in a mainstream school

-he can express himself very well

-he learnt to swim by himself

-he can ride a bike

-he has friends

-he can show who he really is: a kind and loving boy

-he has a great sense of humour

And because of all this, I am no longer anxious all the time, I can do my own thing, I could re-train as homeopath and naturopath and now I have time to help others to get where I am today and perhaps even more!

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Ethan riding a bike
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 Adam’s Mum

“Adam has been able to sit and play by himself for the first time, he made a little dinosaur with Lego! He even sat still at the hairdresser’s and I was able to get my hair done!”

Happy Mum, UK (ADHD)

“My child has a diagnosis of ASD and ADHD and he was constantly in trouble at school for his aggressive behaviour. He was aggressive towards me too and I was scared I couldn’t handle him once he grew up…after the first dose of his remedy I started to see him smile and now he is a happy boy and can handle school much better!” – Happy Mum