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Homeopathic Chamomilla and its properties

Chamomilla is the homeopathic version of the popular chamomile flower. We all know the relaxing properties of chamomile tea, for example and Chamomilla is one of the first remedies people get to know, when their baby is teething and in pain, as it helps a lot.

The main keynote of Chamomilla is “unbearable pain“. It makes the person quite irritable, histerical almost, unreasonable.

This is why this remedy is suited to children who are quite sensitive to pain or anyone with a low pain-threshold.

Chamomilla as infusion or tea has been used for centuries as mild sedative and aid to sleep, however, too much chamomile tea can actually have the opposite effect and make a person loose sleep and make you very agitated and irritable, worse than caffeine!

A person needing homeopathic Chamomilla is in that state of agitation, usually due to pain. That’s why it is a wonderful remedy for children for teething or earache or sleepless babies who need to constantly carried and rocked to sleep but wake up and scream as soon as you put them down.

It is however, a bit of an overlooked remedy when it comes to older patients.

In fact, I find it is a fantastic remedy for teenagers, particularly young girls suffering from menstrual cramps, where Sepia doesn’t help.

Chamomilla patients are extremely irritable and quarrelsome: nothing you do for them is good enogh and very often they refuse what they have just been demanding.

There is great sensitivity to pain, oversensitiity, in fact. Every little thing feels like a tragedy. They don’t want to be touched or spoken to, particularly when in pain or in a bad mood.

If you have a teenager in your house, you will have recognised the type!

Puberty can be hard and menstrual cramps don’t help!

If you have already tried the typical Sepia that is normally prescribed and that didn’t help, you may find that Chamomilla fits the bill much better.

It also helps moody teenagers in general, the emotional ups and downs get evened out.

Great remedy to keep handy!

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