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Let me tell you something: the sun and I are not exactly best buddies.

I know that the sun is the source of life on this planet and all the rest but I have my reasons. As you know, I was born and raised in Italy, my mother was a “sun-worshipper” and tanned instantly and beautifully, no sun screen or anything. My dad, on the other hand, was a red-hair with very fair skin and used to drop us at the beach at the start of the summer holiday and disappear to the mountains for a month, while we all enjoyed the sun, sea and sand.

All except me, that is.

Even before the end of school term, I would get “heat rash” that looked like the bubonic plague. Once at the seaside, I simply fried. Sun creams were not that effective at the time and, besides, nobody I knew seemed to need any.

My mum’s solution was to make me wear knee-high cotton socks and a cotton vest on the beach, over my swimming costume. And I had to swim in that too. Plus the hat, of course. Well, at least the other kids on the beach were amused.

Even with all those precautions, I still managed to sunburn and that was BAD: I still remember the blisters on my shoulders were so painful, it was hard to wear clothes over them.

After all this, forgive me if I love winter and is it any wonder that I wound up in Scotland?


So here is some advice to deal with sunburn and sunstrokes.

Firs of all, anyone can get sunburnt or be sensitive to sunlight, not just fair-skinned people or those with blue eyes. Babies and young children are particularly sensitive and usually resistance build up with age. After having children I found that I am much more tolerant to the sunshine than I used to be, for example.


·  Arnica: Give Arnica first for the shock of the burn or scald in 30c (2 doses 15 minutes apart) or 200c potency (1 dose immediately). First choice remedy for sunburn too.

  Urticaria Urens: Follow the Arnica with Urticaria Urens if it is a minor 1st degree burn. Give 30c potency each 15 minutes until pain subsides, or as needed.

Cantharis: This is a very good medicine for the pain of burns/sunburn and use this if the pain does not respond to Urticaria urens within 30-45 minutes.

Apis Mellifica: Burning and itchy pink swollen patches, improved by cold compresses.

Belladonna: Hot bright red rash; sun allergy can be accompanied by fever. Great remedy for sunstroke too with the same symptoms.

Hypericum: Daily doses of homeopathic dilutions of St.John`s wort can desensitize the skin. The skin becomes accustomed to UV light and symptoms caused by sun exposure are reduced.

Muriaticum acidum: Red papules and vesicles with violent itching

Natrum muriaticum: Sun allergy is worse at the sea side; various chronic skin disorders – urticaria, eczema, acne, herpes; skin and respiratory allergies.

Sulphur: Severe sun allergy with violent burning and itching worse by bathing and heat; skin and body orifices turn red easily, prone to various skin disorders and multiple allergy; heat intolerance.

Histaminum 9C: for sun allergy: people who are susceptible to hives should take it once a week.

Chamomilla: for prickly heat or heat rash in babies; worse for heat of bed or clothes and the baby wants to be carried and rocked to fall asleep.

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