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Gemstones are a bit of a passion of mine, like homeopathy and so, when I found out I could combine the two, I thought it was a match made in Heaven!

Most gemstone remedies in use today were proved for the first time about twenty years ago.

After studying these remedies for a few months, I decided to try a few or do my own proving.

What happens with a proving?

All new remedies are proved usually in a homeopathic school. The school organizes the proving and selects how many volunteers are needed: usually about twenty people. The volunteers must be in good health, not on any medication and should avoid alcohol, coffee and any other stimulats for the duration of the proving. The group of volunteers is split in two groups, one of which is the placebo group and none of the participants knows what remedy is being proved.

The effects are monitored and recorded and at the end of the proving period, the data is collected and the common effects of the remedy become the symptoms listed in the repertory.

My proving

Black Opal has already been proved, but I bacame curious and decided to do my own proving. I would not advise randomly proving remedies if you are not familiar enough with homeopathy and how it works and even then, it is important to choose the right time: a period of days where nothing demanding or stressful is going on and there are no health issues. This is because you might react strongly to the remedy and this reaction migh interfere with your everyday life in a negative way.

This proving was done over two days just over a year ago and this is the journal I wrote immediately after.


START DATE: 07/11/2019, one dose of 1M

LAST DOSE: 08/11/2019

At first I felt no changes.

Then on the night of the 9th of November I had the following dream:

I had another baby. This baby had dark skin and black hair. It was a boy and looked almost Asian. All the time I was commenting aloud with relief that at least this boy would not be autistic, he would be smart, he would be ok. Indeed the baby could already talk and was very wise.

The following night I had a more unsettling dream:

myself and my family were living on a different planet. I was aware that an alien force or virus was spreading and destroying our computers and could also infect people. I started to panic because I couldn’t find the box with my homeopathic remedies. I look at the desk and my computer and I see a sort of black origami shaped like a cockroach, crawling over it. It looks like it’s made of paper, but it’s alive. Then I am at some sort of theatre with my husband. I tell him how worried I am, but he tries to reassure me, saying we are there to have a good time and watch the show. Then I look at him and his eyes are totally black, no white around the pupils. I realise he has been infected by the virus and is not himself anymore. He is lying to me. I am scared and I want to go home, but earth is so far away, we are sitting at the edge of the planet and I can see the black space in the distance.

The following night another weird dream:

I am on a movie set, working with Benedict Cumberbatch. Of course I am happy to be there, he is adorable! Then I see another actor I seem to remember, but can’t quite remember his name. He is playing someone on a wheel chair. When the scene is over I realise that the actor is on a wheelchair in real life and I feel very sad. He is very handsome too. Then the dream changes completely: I am at my son’s school at parents night and my son’s teacher is very rude to me. There is also some sort of medical report that says that my son should take a list of medication, including mescaline. I ask who wrote that report and how could they prescribe something like that, without doing any tests. I am very angry.

All day 12/11/2019 I feel very angry, very despondent. Nothing works, everything annoys me. I feel a lot of resentment. very dark mood.

Black Opal characteristics

Black Opal is extremely rare and more precious than diamonds. It is found mostly in Australia. One of the main themes or key notes in gemstones is the theme of “breaking through” “breaking free”. These stones are formed over millions of years, under amazing pressure, miles and miles under the surface of the earth. When the miner finally picks the stone up (after hours of hard toil), that’s the first time the stone sees the light and shines!

Therefore, “relase” after intense suffering is a common theme in gemstone remedies.

Precious opal helps you face your darkest fears, It assists those who wish to overcome phobias, anxiety attacks, chronic worry and other manifestations of fear energy. I was certainly scared in the dreams I had, my deepest fears were the themes of the dreams. Intense fear and anger was what I felt.

Fear of limitations is another theme and, strangely enough, paraplegia had come up in the original proving! It is possibly because being confined to a wheelchair feels like the ultimate limitation and constriction and it is quite a scary prospect. The theme of being marooned on a distant planet, with no hope of coming back home is another manifestation of this fear of limitations.

If you are interested in learninig more about gemstone remedies click here.



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