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Disclaimer: this article is for information purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

There are many remedies for skin conditions. As you already know, homeopathy treats the individual, not the condition or the diagnosis and the totality of the symptoms needs to be taken into account on all levels: physical, emotional and mental.

One particular remedy that can help greatly with skin conditions is Nitric Acid.

Nitric Acid is one of those remedies that gets patients almost offended when they are prescribed it. “I am not like that!” That is because of the mental characteristics of this remedy, which are not that nice, I must admit. However, in homeopathy, like in life, nothing is black or white and every good side has its flip side. Therefore I will try to give you a fair portrait of this remedy.

Anxiety about health

Nitric Acid is as bad as Arsenicum when it comes to anxiety about health: they are always thinking the worst, there is particular fear of cancer (not a coincidence that both remedies belong to the cancer miasm). They will go to the doctor and homeopath multiple times and ask a lot of questions and insist on doing all sorts of tests.

Trust issues

Even after seeing lots of doctors and testing for everything, they are still not satisfied, because the truth is, they don’t really trust their doctor. They don’t trust anyone, really. This is a problem. It is a very lonely life if you don’t trust any person alive. Everyone has an ulterior motive, therefore nobody can do anything nice for them.


Nitric Acid doesn’t fogive or forget, no matter how profusely you apologise. They also never forget a past slight, like Nat Mur, but way, way worse! They are infamous for being litigious, lawsuits are their thing. Family feuds that last for decades.

The good bits

Those were the bad bits. But, like I was saying, every remedy has its polarity. So, what’s the polarity in Nitric Acid?


When someone is so paranoid that cannot trust anyone, trust and loyalty are paramount. Think mafia bosses: they put loyalty and trust at the top of their value list. Yet, because of their, ehm, line of work, they cannot afford to trust anyone! Nitric Acid can be the most loyal friend. Until, that is, the friend does something wrong!

Caring for others

Being anxious about health, they feel deep compassion for those who are ill and will look after them selflessly!

Skin issues

We finally come to the skin issues I wanted to talk about. Nitric Acid is very helpful in cases of eczema, candida rash, warts and ulcers.

In all cases, the skin is very dry and it cracks; the eruption can be terribly itchy, sometimes painful to the touch, purulent.


This lady came to me because of candida that appeared as skin rash on her abdomen and under the breasts. Very itchy, worse in the summer, for sweating.

Mary (not her real name) lives on her own, she is a widow and has two grown up sons. When she tells me a bit about her life the first thing she mentions is how lonely she is. Her only human contact is her cleaner, who works in her house every day, except weekends.

Despite her age, she is a fun loving lady, loves parties, going to the movies and restaurants, but she claims she has no one to go with and that makes her really depressed. Her sons are “useless” on that front. They married “terrible women”, she never got on with her daughters in law and for that reason she never visits her sons. At the same time, she complains of being ignored by them, even though she is constantly invited around. She refuses to go. She has no friends because “everyone has an ulterior motive”. She is quite well off and thinks that everyone is after her money. She has broken off all contact with most of her family, because of legal issues, money or past wrongs that she is keen to list, while at the same time claiming to be the “forgiving type”!

So here we have a lot of Nit Ac features: trust issues, misanthropy. She goes to lots of doctors and has changed many doctors over time, because “they know nothing”.

Her diet is also very Nit Ac: butter, cheese (which aggravates) and lots of rich pastries.

So far, so unpleasant, as a human being. But wait: what my description doesn’t convey is how witty and funny she was while telling me all her problems. She had an unhappy marriage, yet she nursed her husband alone in his last years. She is very generous with family when they need financial help.

So, you see, nothing is black or white.

I thought this case just “screamed” Nitric Acid and so that’s what I prescribed. A week into the remedy her attitude was so different! She started to talk to her neighbours! She called her sons for the first time in months. Her diet also improved, she started to make better choices. A month into the remedy, the skin complaint was almost gone! It took a couple of sessions more and the candida disappeared completely.

For more information and FAQ, you can check this article: https://love4wellness.com/homeopathy-skin-conditions/

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