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Lapiz Lazuli has a long history of use as a protective stone. This deep blue stone is actually the formation of many different materials, including sodalite, grains of pyrite, calcite, and white dolomite. Its name is derived from the Latin word for stone, lapis and the Arabic word azul which means blue.

The history behind this stone can be traced back to many different civilizations, most notably the Egyptians, who used where the stone symbolized a sense of power and protection. They used it to decorate temples and royal vestments, in jewelry for courage and protection, and it was often thought that this stone helped the dead go safely on into the journey of afterlife.

Many other cultures around the world considered this stone as the link between heaven and earth.

The blue of the stone is linked to the throat chakra, which is the chakra for communication and voicing your true feelings. Lapis Lazuli affects particularly the throat area, regenerates the thyroid gland, is indicated for an under active thyroid and helps with irritations of the vocal chords, coughs and sore throat. It improves one’s voice. Lapis stabilizes the blood pressure and reduces high blood pressure. In women it balances hormones and lengthens the menstrual cycle.

Main theme: motherhood

Everything around the theme of mother: grief about losing a mother, troubled relationship with one’s mother, motherly instinct, but also connecting to our inner child and reconciling ourselves with our past and our childhood.

For this reason, Lapis Lazuli reminds me of Natrum Muriaticum: Nat Mur too has an affinity with mother-child relationship. Particularly the feeling of “abandonment” or “neglect” that teaches the child to be independent from very early on. Nat Mur is often given to children with speech delay, when the sensation is that the child does not feel the need to communicate. Lapis has both these themes of feeling disconnected from the mother and the difficulty in communicating deep feelings.

Physical affinities

Thyroid, pituitary gland, thymus gland and the whole lymphatic system.

Blood disorders, apoplexy


Skin oversensitivity

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