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Jet belongs to the group Lignite and is fossilized charcoal. It is usually quite soft, measuring between 2 and 2.5 on the Mohs scale. It is usually intensely black in color and achieves a brilliant luster when polished.

Two different forms of Jet can be found, both soft and hard. Soft Jet occurs when carbon is compressed with freshwater, while hard Jet forms with compressed carbon and saltwater. Jet is technically not a mineral, but a Mineraloid, which is a naturally occurring substance that seems like a mineral but does not demonstrate structural crystals.

Jet has been used by people mourning for centuries. This stone was at its most popular during the reign of Queen Victoria in the XIXcentury: she used to wear jet jewellery to match her black clothes after the death of her husband.

 It works very well in drawing out the negative energies that surround your aura. Jet acts as a purifier, attempting to draw and dispel any unwanted energy while at the same time ushering in positivity. The Romans believed it would protect them from evil entities, especially the “Evil Eye”.

Part of the lore behind Jet is it being considered a stone of luck. For centuries it was said to bring luck to anyone who would carry it. Jet can easily be carved and has been done so for thousands of years.

Mother Earth’s energy is abundant in Jet and is a must-have for someone who is in need of assistance with grounding. It is a stone that roots you down to earth while assisting in balancing and protecting.

Jet Stone has a profoundly calming effect, so it should always be with you when you’re depressed or feeling stressed.

As a homeopathic remedy, Jet’s keynote is calm and acceptance, similar to Shungite. It also works well with homeopathic Moldavite, in that is helps bring out the trauma and process it in a gentle way.

It works well on patients with a lowered immune system, triggered by allopathic medication. Lack of vitality, learning difficulties, like Baryta Carb.

Dullness of mind, due to stress or illness, even in highly intelligent people.

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