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Australian black opals are the most valuable and widely known type of opal. Black opal is characterised by a dark body tone which can range from dark grey to jet black. However this refers only to the general body tone of the stone, and is not related to the rainbow or spectral colours present in the opal.

Unlike ordinary opals, black opals have carbon and iron oxide trace elements present, which cause the unusual darkness of the stone. Because of their dark body tone, the rainbow colours in a black opal stand out much better than lighter opals.

Gemstones are about spiritual transformation. Always remember that these gems come from the bowels of the earth and need to be dug out of the earth with great effort, blood and sweat. After that, they need to be polished and cleaned before they can reveal all their light and glory. The geological process of crystal formation is fundamentally one of enormous pressure over millions of years.

Translated into human terms, pressure is suffering. A very intense and traumatic kind of experience. Most people would buckle or get crushed by these kind of experiences and that is what we ordinarily see as homeopaths, when the trauma manifests in physical and mental symptoms. Patients needing a  gemstone remedy have been through Hell and back and yet, despite whatever condition/symptoms they may be suffering from, their spirit has been tempered, it is stronger and their spirituality shines through, in fact, it is often the first thing that hits the homeopath.

From Source to Keynotes:

The darkness sets off the sparks of colour in the stone. In the same way, the journey and transformation of back opal is about seeing the light after deep darkness.




-connection vs disconnection

-lack of energy/paralysis

-cancer (fear of)

-denial of truth

Ultimately, the goal for this remedy is self acceptance. It is very similar to Lac Humanum in that respect. There is a sense of self disgust following abuse, where the abused feels guilty, rather than the abuser.

Sex is used as a way to connect and feel accepted, followed by renewed sense of low self worth and the vicious cycle continues.

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