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The source:

Diamonds are the most valuable and precious gemstones. They are the ones that tick all the boxes when it comes to precious stones: rare, hard and light reflecting.

Diamonds are the hardest stones: only a diamond can cut another diamond. They are also quite rare, especially the purest ones. Diamonds are made of pure carbon tightly compressed together and pressurised over a period of millions of years. They present the highest light refraction rate, which makes them sparkle in bright colours.

From source to keynotes:

The homeopathic remedy for diamond is called Adamas, which comes from the Greek and means “unbreakable”. Diamond is the king of the gemstones, it is the top. From the homeopathic point of view, another remedy that comes to mind and is comparable to diamond is Aurum. Both remedies can be used for cases of deep depression or suicidal feelings. Both remedies have to do with the ego: in health, there is nothing better, however, in illness, both Diamond and Aurum can plunge in the depths of despair. This is where the source themes of hardness and coldness are reflected in the emotional realm and manifest as cold cruelty, emotional detachment, emotional “hardness”.

As Diamond is a gemstone, all themes are highlighted, enhanced, more extreme. Therefore the theme of depression is also way deeper than in Aurum and spirituality plays a major role.



-loss of religion


-search for perfection

-emotional detachment


-death and rebirth

Adamas was already proved by Rajan Sankaran in the ‘70’s, although he used the trituration method and not the immersion method. As the remedy has been in used for longer compared to other gemstones, we have more rubrics:

Irritable and taciturn. Anger towards friends, loved ones. Irritated easily by words and gestures. Does not like to work. Resentful towards others. Does not want to be seen. Aversion to company, talking. Desire to be alone. Feelings of worthlessness. Loss of self-confidence. Critical of others and self. Hard to be pleased.

Mind feels cloudy. Feels separated and detached. Indecision. Does not stick to one decision. Forgetful. Weak memory. Poor concentration. Fumbles in speech with difficulty in getting at certain well-known words. Makes mistakes in speaking. Spelling mistakes. Mixing up words. Mistakes in speech. Slurred speech. Lethargic in morning.

Anxiety about health. Anxiety felt in stomach. Fear of driving car, obsessed with crashing and accidents and death. fear of breast cancer. Despair about their recovery. Delusion they have two pairs of hands, two pairs of arms.

Impatient and intolerant. Hurried and impatient. Feels rushed, so much to do. Feels overwhelmed. Hyperactive, since beginning of proving. Very excitable as if about to lose control. Sensitive to music. Tearful and oversensitive.

Feels trapped and helpless. Sad and moody. Mood swings. Despair. Lack of joy. Depressed and body feels heavy. Desire for order, everything needs to be in its place. Fastidious. Feels disorganized. Obsessed with trifles.

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