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Enlarged tonsils and adenoids are quite a common issue in young children. In general, they are glands that we don’t even notice until there is a problem and the typical symptom is that the child breathes through the mouth during the day, snores during sleep, has difficulties swallowing or develps sleep apnea.

First of all: what are tonsils and adenoids and what do they do?

They are like “lumps” of lymphoid tissue; the tonsils are located at the side of the throat and the adenoids a bit farther down. Their function is essentially to trap or block bacteria and help fight infections. I think of them as our throat “bouncers”.

When we are fighting a sore throat or infection, these glands can temporarily get inflamed and swell up. Seasonal allergies can also cause inflammation and irritation.

Sometimes, however, children have naturally large tonsils and it can cause problems breathing, or they can get often inflamed and infected and the child gets often ill with throat infections, tonsillitis or even croup. The medical solution for these issues is antibiotics, steroids and, if the problem persists, removal of the tonsils or adenoids (tonsillectomy).

What are the advantages of removing tonsils?

According to current medical practice, there are many advantages and apparently, many doctors think that “we don’t need tonsils and adenoids” anyway.

-better sleep

-less infections

-less medication needed

Of course, it is still a surgical operation, with all the risk that entails.

Is there an alternative to all of the above?

Yes, there is: homeopathy!

In my experience (and I know this is purely anecdotal), children do not always get better even after the removal of the tonsils.

Another thing is that, I may be naive, but I believe that Nature gave us all the “bits” we have in our body for a reason. We may not know exactly what their function is (yet) but knowing that they are there to block infections is enough for me to want to hold on to them, if I can.

Last but not least, as a mother, I would rather look for a more gentle solution than putting my child under the knife and I know that a lot of mothers agree, which is why I get so many cases of children with enlarged tonsils or adenoids and homeopathy can avoid the operation altogether!

Most common homeopathic remedies for enlarged tonsils and adenoids

As usual, homeopathy looks at the individual and brings balance to the whole system. Your tonsils are not the enemy to eliminate, in fact, there is no enemy! When we are out of balance, symptoms appear: they are the language of our body and the tonsils and adenoids in this case are just the messengers, don’t kill the messengers!

Baryta Carb: for children who catch colds very easily, very shy, sometimes slow development of milestones

Calc Carb: calm children, prone to constipation, love carbs, head is larger than average, low tone muscles

Silica: delicate children who get sick easily, took a lot of medication in the past; usually skinny, slow physical growth

There are other remedies that can be used, depending on the individual constitution of the child.


After a few months of therapy, these are the benefits I see in my practice:

-better sleep

-no more snoring/apnea

-no more colds/throat infections

-better quality of life

Disclaimer: this article is for education purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Please consult your doctor if you suffer from any condition.

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