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 The set up

The group had four participants. Each prover had a natural citrine quartz and was instructed to make an elixir in the following way:

  • Immerse the stone in distilled water in a glass container with a lid
  • Expose the container to the sun and moon light for 24 hours
  • Make the elixir with 50-50 ratio of water and alcohol

At this point the elixir is not potentised. The provers were instructed to take as many doses of the elixir as they were guided to do.

Individual meditation with the gemstone was also encouraged.

My goal was to combine practical, hands-on proving with meditative proving, rather than using meditation only.

All provers were advised not to drink alcohol during the proving process.

The proving process lasted 5-7 days.

One prover had access to a radionics machine and spontaneously decided to potentise the remedies; everybody else only had the elixir made by immersion.

After comparing individual notes, we did a group meditation on the gemstone

It is also worth mentioning that the proving started at the beginning of Scorpio season, between a powerful solar partial eclipse of October 25th and lunar total eclipse on November 8th.


  • Joyful energy: all provers experienced a feeling of more joy and productive energy
  • Family matters: all provers felt a sudden surge in love and connection with spouse or family members. In one case the remedy seemed to have a positive effect on the mood of other members of the family, even though they did not take the remedy.
  • Working for home and family: work projects and family seemed to converge; sense that the provers were building something important for the family.
  • Money matters: three out of four provers felt very different about money and what they could afford: a sense that “I am worth it, I deserve a treat”. The remedy brought up past feelings of lack of money and desire for abundance. One prover had a dream about treating friends to coffee and cake in a café and then discovering that one coffee cost $300 and so did a piece of cake.
  • Self indulgence: another prover loves a particular type of expensive cake and felt a sudden urge to buy it for herself, as a treat.
  • Feeling productive and successful: all provers commented on how they could accomplish more than usual in their daily activities, “getting shit done”, as one prover put it.
  • More focus: one prover experienced her usual symptoms of ADHD very much dimished, she was able to complete tasks effortlessly. Clarity of mind.
  • De-cluttering: provers were moved to suddenly want to de-clutter their space.
  • Personal power: one prover felt really strongly about tapping into her power, energetically and sexually. Very much similar to Leo energy. It is possible that Citrine is linked to the heart chakra and another prover had visions of emeralds, with the green linked to the heart chakra.
  • Possible relationship with Emerald in terms of opening of the heart chakra.
  • Expressing the truth and feeling good about it. Speaking up of one-self without conflict or guilt or fear.


  • Third eye: clarity, relief from self doubt
  • Throat: free of self expression, dare to speak your mind
  • Solar plexus: activates the sense of playfulness, fun and joy
  • Heart chakra: alignment with opening to love
  • Sacral chakra: unlocking of your personal creating power

Physical symptoms

  • Opening of synusis
  • One prover had stomach issues that felt much better after taking Citrine
  • One prover was guided to potentise the remedy to 1M and then 10M using a radionics machine; the higher potencies created a sensation of being “out of the body”.
  • One prover experienced sudden heat in the chest, profuse perspiration, which was temporary.
  • One prover had had chronic shoulder pain and that disappeared
  • Ear pain for one prover

Key words for Citrine Quartz

Cleaning, organising, energy, joy, connection, money matters, abundance, power, focus, family, fun, uninhibited sex, freedom

One prover felt it is a very good remedy to heal father wounds, from absent fathers for example.

Conclusions for Citrine Quartz

All the provers enjoyed the feeling that Citrine Quartz elicited. Overall positivity, self power, the feeling of self doubt disappearing. Reveal and revel in our individual power, we can get what we want and we deserve it too.

One prover potentised the remedy to 1M and felt she could be on that potency and take it for a long time; the 10M felt too much: fatigue, so she reversed to 1M.

During the meditation, we all saw visions of green, relationship with the heart chakra. Polarity of scarcity/abundance, generational poverty mentality that can make you feel guilty when you have more money.

One prover called Citrine “natural Adderal” because her ADHD symptoms went down so much and her focus increased.



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