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At the end of October 2022, I conducted a group proving of Green Aventurine.

The group had four participants. Each prover had a natural citrine quartz and was instructed to make an elixir in the following way:

  • Immerse the stone in distilled water in a glass container with a lid
  • Expose the container to the sun and moon light for 24 hours
  • Make the elixir with 50-50 ratio of water and alcohol

At this point the elixir is not potentised. The provers were instructed to take as many doses of the elixir as they were guided to do.

Individual meditation with the gemstone was also encouraged.


The first thing that everyone agreed upon was how unpleasant the proving experience was this time around.

One prover felt quite relaxed, she felt moved and attracted to the colour pink, which was unusual for her.

The other provers felt very depleted and despondent.

Mental/emotional themes

  • Tiredness, lack of energy, feeling like nothing really matters, apathy
  • Feeling ungrounded
  • Physically very sleepy, one prover gave the remedy to her daughter, who is usually highly strung and she reported much better sleep than usual, whereas those who already sleep well felt over-tired
  • The dreams from all provers featured crowds of people, feeling of wanting to escape from the crowds
  • Two of the provers experienced feelings of ancestral sexual trauma, especially during meditation and from dreams: lost children, panic about not being able to find their children.
  • Sexual exploitation, abuse
  • Feeling like in a drugged state, against one’s will
  • War victims
  • Feeling cut off from sensations, being unable to feel
  • Time and clocks: in my dream I was in 2019 instead of 2022
  • White colour: pearls in the dream

Physical symptoms

  • Headache between eyebrows
  • Sinus pain
  • Desire for sweet and rich food, decandent (giant doughnut, huge soft ice cream)
  • Desire for sleep, tiredness
  • Dizziness      
  • Inflammation: one prover’s chronic wrist pain came back. Affinity with Ruta state.
  • Affinity with pelvic area, uterus, violation (Staphysagria)


The sacral chakra was the one that felt most affected, the pelvis area.

One prover was woken by a powerful orgasm in the middle of the night.

Heart chakra: visions of pink or desire to wear pink, dream of green emeralds, alignment between heart and third eye.


The polarity of Green Aventurine seems to be relaxing, self-indulging, better sleep on the one hand and extreme lack of energy and the dark side of sexuality: exploitation, lost children, abused children.

In a healthy state there was joy in indulging in treats and feeling gratitude about it, in an unhealthy state, there is over-eating, lazyness and self-loathing, apathy, letting things go, overspending without caring.

Possibly a good remedy for those who are highly strung and over controlling (carcinosin type)

All but one prover expressed dislike for this remedy and did not like the “depressive energy” of it.

One prover potentised the essence to 200c with radionics machine and felt a strong sensation in the pelvic area, visions of birth canal, something moving out of it. Visions of looking for lost children. Sensation of suffocation, could not breathe through the nose.

The prover went up to 10M and the feeling of apathy deepened. Her daughter tried the 10M and reported a very deep dreamless sleep, when she usually has very vivid dreams and nightmares.

Visions and theme of genocide.

Words for Green Aventurine:

ungrounded, apathy, not giving a shit, slow, sluggish, sleep, self-indulgence, hidden sexual trauma, “college dropout energy”



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