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We are all so surrounded by dangerous stuff all the time, particularly people living in cities: smog, cigarette smoke, paint fumes, road works…and that’s on top of bad food, drugs side effects, alcohol…

Here are some homeopathic tips:

Paint fumes-household chemicals

Homeopathic Arsenicum Album is your friend in this case.

Have you ever done house painting? I haven’t. I am completely useless when it comes to DIY, but I know how toxic most paints are. The best thing I can advise is to use clay-based paint: it’s not just non toxic but also natural, completely odorless and you can use without putting a mask on your face, it’s that safe!

If you can’t find clay-based paint or you are in a building that’s been freshly painted with industrial paint and you are forced to breathe the toxic fumes, Arsenicum can help.

Another source of toxic chemical fumes are of course household cleaning products, although many now use eco-friendly or plant-based products.

New mattresses, the ones made of foam that are so popular these days, often come with a (for me) unbearable chemical smell. The manufacturers tell you the smell is “completely normal and will dissipate within 24 hours” if you keep the window open. That’s not my experience (and the reason why I had to return mattresses like that and bought a traditional cotton one!).

Pesticides are another issue: your garden is super clean, you do your best to keep your plants organic…then your neighbour kicks off with the Round Up spray! Ugh! You close the windows, what else can you do? Hose down the lawn with lots of water, clean your home-grown veg and fruit with water and baking soda to start with; for everything else, there’s Arsenicum!

So what are the possible effects of inhaling chemical fumes?


-dryness of mouth



-trouble breathing

Arsenicum Album cover all these symptoms and can help a lot, along with drinking lots of water and taking vitamin C.

Passive smoking

I spent most of my childhood inhaling second hand smoke from my chain-smoking father. No wonder I hate cigarettes now, I never smoked and can smell the awful stench miles off!

Incredible as it seems to me, given everything we know now about the bad effects of smoke, there are still a lot of smokers around!

Other sources of smoke can be fireworks, bonfires or living near roadworks.

Homeopathic Natrum Muriaticum can help. If you are being exposed for a long time, you can make a water dose by popping a pellet in a water bottle and sipping often.

Food poisoning and indigestion

Over-indulged with food and drink at the last party? Nux Vomica is the hangover remedy par exellence! Also very useful when children “over-dose” on sugary treats at birthday parties and start climbing the walls!

For food poisoning, perhaps not too fresh or for when you are on holiday and you try some exotic food that doesn’t agree with you, Arsenicum again, is your saviour! Definitely one of those remedies to remember to pack with your holiday kit.

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