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As some countries start to open again, still with caution, most places are still in quarantine and have been for months now, with no clear end in sight. Whenever this situation will end, there will be long term consequences on many levels.

What about our mental health?

In the past weeks, many patients were worried about the virus, scared of getting sick, anxious about their health and that of their loved ones.

Lately, however, I have noticed that most of my patients don’t even think about the danger of the virus anymore. The anxiety about health has been replaced by anxiety for the future, depression, anger, claustrophobia.

Feeling trapped?

Indeed, one of the most common things I hear from my patients is: “I feel trapped”.

In homeopathy, this is a symptoms in itself that can be repertorised and a few remedies have this fear:

Aconite: anxiety and panic attacks with palpitation. Aconite feels better outdoors, needs to feel the breeze and fresh air. Freedom means being able to go outside in nature.

Arsenicum: this remedy is more claustrophobic and scared of narrow places. The anxiety can manifest in trying to make everything perfect: clean and tidy the house as form of relaxation. Arsenicum is restless and needs to be busy all the time.

Calcarea Carbonica: the anxiety is about being confined, not being able to get out of a difficult situation or scared of going out and face danger. Calc carb has many fears that can come thought as bad dreams or loss of motivation, problems sleeping, lack of concentration.

Falco Peregrino: Someone with this constitutional remedy will find it incredibly hard to live through this lockdown situation. The peregrine falcon is a bird of prey, used to fly high in the sky: the epitome of freedom. These birds have also been tamed and used in falconry for centuries, so they are allowed to sore high in the skies but are also tied and blind-folded in captivity. for this reason, this remedy is often needed by victims of domestic abuse, people who have experienced incarceration, kidnapping or forced to do something against their will. Unfortunately during this quarantine period, people stuck in abusive households are suffering more than ever and this remedy will probably be needed at the end of all this, I fear.

Ignatia: this remedy is indicated when emotions run high: I see many children at the moment, who need this remedy. They miss their friends and are almost grieving for the life they used to have only three months ago.

Lycopodium: the person needing this remedy is fundamentally very insecure, which is why he or she needs to be in control all the time. Feeling cornered and confined without a plan is the opposite of being in control and this is the main issue. Anger is possible or somatization of emotional turmoil. The anxiety and anger are always felt in the stomach: bloatedness and gas and other digestive issues are possible.

These are just a few remedies that can help with the feeling of being trapped and the consequent anxiety. This quarantine will cause other symptoms too: depression, anger, frustration. It will be a good idea to keep in touch with your homeopath!



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