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Homeopathy Heal


Homeopathy can work really well with natural beauty products, here is how

If you love homeopathy, chances are that you have or are looking for, a more natural life style in every aspect of your daily life.

Healthy nutrition is the first on my list, for example: eating fresh and preferably local food, simple and unprocessed, with lots of vegetables and fruit. This alone can go a long way towards keeping our bodies healthy and vibrant.

Regular exercise, whatever works for you, spending more time in nature and less looking at a screen, is also great for lifting our moods and keeping our mind healthy.

What about skin products?

This is where we can find it harder to find really natural, organic products. There are no homeopathic face creams or lotions and many of the so-called natural skin products, are in fact full of ingredients that can still cause allergies or are not as well tolerated by those with chemical sensitivities, for example.

As a homeopath, I see many patients who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity. While the homeopathic remedies take care of the system, I often advise patients to use skin products from Casa Mencarelli Why?

-because they are really natural: all the products are virtually edible, there is nothing artificial in them

-because the ingredients are organic and hand-picked by the creator and CEO of the company, Lucia Mencarelli who initially created these products to meet her own needs, as sufferer of multiple chemical sensitivity

-because her products really work and I have been using her award winning toner and face serum for years and will not use any other brand again



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