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One of the questions I get asked most often is: “What kind of results can I expect for autism with homeopathy?”

If you are the parent of a child on the autistic spectrum, like me, you dream about your child being able to speak, make friends, enjoy a meal out, sleep…all those things that we almost take for granted.

The answer to that question is not satisfactory: “It depends on the case, everybody is different”.

What I can say, however, is that homeopathy does work over time. Sometimes the first results come quicker than expected and that is so exciting to see!


I recently received the case of a little child, three years old. This child was born with a congenital urinary tract issue, which meant taking a lot of antibiotics and possibly surgery further down the line. Apart from that, the mother was concerned about the development, as her child was not hitting the milestones, in particular:

-no speech

-no eye contact


-mouthing objects

Because of the frequent use of antibiotics, I suspected the gut had been affected and so I decided to prescribe Thuja, followed by Silica after four weeks.

Eight weeks into the treatment, the mother sent me this feedback:

Some things that I have noticed the most since you and I last spoke: 

-An increase in eye contact

-A decrease in putting things in mouth and drooling

-a decrease in spinning

So all in all I would say she’s doing really well.

These are subtle, yet visible and important improvments!


The mother of a two year old boy asked me to help with the following issues for her son:

-speech delay, only a few words, very unclear to understand

-separation anxiety

-congenital issue with spine curvature, which made him clumsy and easily tired

This boy is very sweet and affectionate, with a good appetite. He fitted the Calc Carb picture very well. After four weeks, here is the mother’s feedback:

Improvements as of last week:

better eye contact

new words and clearer speech

can play with other kids at play group (he was terrified of other kids before)

good tolerance of loud noises and seeing strangers

better with potty training

more stamina, better posture, his osteopath noticed his spine was better

his feet are not curled up anymore

not clumsy anymore when he walks

The mother was particularly excited because she could finally take him to toddlers play group and see her child enjoy himself, playing with other kids, take turn with toys, even sitting together with other kids to have a snack. Only a month earlier, he was clinging on his mother’s clothes, terrified and not wanting to play!



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