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April is one of those times when allergies and colds and flu symptoms can get confused, because they kind of “mesh” together.

Homeopathy and nutrition can be very powerful allies to keep the sniffles at bay and you can learn what works for you to treat those acute flare ups!

Everyone is different and experiences symptoms in a slightly different way. Homeopathy is a highly individualised system of medicine, therefore it is probably a good idea to consult a homeopath for a personalised prescription. However, here is a short list of the most common remedies used for seasonal allergies:

  • Allium Cepa: this remedy is made from  the humble onion (allium cepa is the Latina name), therefore, the symptoms are “onion-related”:  bland, non irritating discharge from eyes and stuffy nose.

  • Euphrasia: watery discharge from eyes, that are also itchy. A lot of sneezing, dry cough, worse in open air.

  • Arsenicum: acrid discharges that “burn” the nose and the upper lip

  • Natrum Muriaticum: watery discharges, cold sores, loss of sense of smell and taste, headaches, better for fresh air.

In some cases, a combination of more than one remedy can be indicated. In some other cases, a completely different remedy is needed, as the remedy needs to fit the patient as a whole, not just the patient’s symptoms.

Using food as your medicine

Ginger: for centuries ginger has been used for a variety of health benefits. Basically, it has great anti-inflammatory properties and can help when your nose is irritated or your breathing is a bit wheezy. Ginger tea infusions are best for this: you can use pieces of fresh ginger in hot water, for example.

Citrus fruit: yes, good old vitamin C is good for this too! Who would have thought, eh?

Turmeric: better to choose a supplement with high concentration of this wonderful spice, as just adding it to your food is not enough. Typically, the best supplements have a bit of black pepper to ensure absorbtion of turmeric. It is a famous anti-inflammatory spice, a super-food to be considered for any inflammatory conditions.

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