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Hi everybody! Today I want to share with you how homeopathy can help with symptoms of PD.

My story

My name is Giovanna, I am a registered homeopath, but before becoming a homeopath, I was a daughter, niece and granddaughter of PD sufferers.

At the time my mother and uncle were diagnosed and went through their illness, I guess I was too busy building my own life: I was working abroad, in a big city, it was what I now call my “career girl period”. So I guess I wasn’t paying attention.  My grandfather had died before I was born, he had PD too and so we all took it for granted that, once the illness set in, that was it: you just did the best you could, took the drugs and hoped for the best.

Then I got married, had two kids and my youngest was diagnosed with autism, less than two years after my mother passed away. You might think I had hit the genetic jackpot of bad luck, right?

Luckily for me, I never thought like that: I always felt blessed and I completely believe that often the best opportunities come disguised as bad news.  And so it was!

Because my own son was affected, this time I HAD to pay attention.  Just because the doctors told us that autism is incurable and untreatable, I didn’t let that stop me from trying!

Thinking outside the box

And that is how I came to homeopathy. After seeing what it did for my family, I knew I had found my true purpose and passion in life and something I am ready to do for the rest of my days, I don’t even think of it as a “job”.  Now tell me: how blessed am I?

Treating children with ADHD and ASD was the beginning and then of course, I started to treat other conditions, including PD.

What my experience of Parkinson’s taught me

This is when the experience of seeing my own family members struggle with PD gave me a special insight and understanding of what my patients are going through and not just my patients but their family too.  I also know from that experience what conventional drugs do and the various side effects. Being a homeopath, I work on the individual, not the condition and I know that when you see one person with PD, you have seen one person with PD, there is no “one size fits all” in homeopathy.

Looking for the root cause

But the most important thing that homeopathy teaches me all the time is that deep auto-immune conditions like PD or MS are yes, a matter of genetic predisposition, but, even more importantly, a matter of energetic blockage that happens way before the first symptoms even appear.

How does that happen? In my experience, it is often linked to emotional trauma.  When emotional trauma is not processed properly or, worse, suppressed, that negative energy is trapped inside and causes damage.  

I often found it interesting that my mother’s identical twin never developed PD.  Later on I realised that my mother’s life in adulthood had been very different and harder in many ways, compared to my aunt.  Our genes are like switches that can be turned “on” of “off” for certain conditions, depending on our lifestyle. This is what epigenetics is about.

Finding the root cause and releasing it, letting it go, is the first step to healing.  Homeopathy is energy medicine: the remedies simply stimulate your vital force enough to kick-start the healing process, but it is the body doing the work and healing itself, which is what it is programmed to do.

So what happens when you work with a homeopath?

you start from your symptoms and the history of your condition, like you would do with any other doctor.  However, the symptoms are broken down in little details, depending on the intensity, quality and sensation. Because homeopathy works on all levels of the human existence (physical, emotional and spiritual), all those levels are taken into account.

From the patient’s point of view, it often feels like a psycho-therapy session.  The difference is that the homeopath never looks for an explanation or an interpretation of your symptoms. All we are doing is trying to get a complete picture and then matching that picture with one or more remedies.

So here are a few remedy examples taken from the European Parkinson’s Disease Association:

  • argentum nitricum – for ataxia (loss of muscle co-ordination), trembling, awkwardness
  • causticum – for restless legs
  • cuprum – for muscle cramps
  • mercurius vivus – for easing Parkinson’s that is worse at night, and for panic attacks
  • zincum metallicum – for restlessness and depression. 

there are other remedies of course and they can be used in combination and different potencies, according to the individual’s needs.

Naturopathy is another important tool in my therapist’s toolbox. Real nutrition and natural supplements selected. Food is something we put into our body every day, therefore it is essential that we are aware of how food affects us.

It is  important to stress the fact that this type of holistic treatment will not interfere with any medication you may be taking.

One case study

this lady had been diagnosed five years before coming to see me. She was taking Sinemet and Requip, which were giving her hallucinations. In her hallucinated state she imagined that her husband was being unfaithful to her (he was in his seventies and her main carer) and claimed that her food was being poisoned. If the doctor reduced the dose of medication, her physical symptoms would get worse.

Main physical symptoms were:

-stiffness and rigidity of limbs, which slowed her down while walking


-lack of strength and muscle tone

General stiffness was the theme of the case. Her gaze was fixed, her mind was fixated on negative thoughts, verging on paranoia. There was a lot of mistrust and fear, which was very different from the person she was before the illness started, according to her husband.

Digging a bit deeper into her personal history, it turned out that her marriage had had ups and downs. For starters, there was never a wedding, something she and her husband had kept secret from their children until they reached adulthood. The husband had left his previous family to be with this lady, that caused a scandal in their small community and they had to move to a different part of the country. Both families cut them off emotionally and financially, so they struggled for many years.

To cut a long story short, this woman felt that she could not confide in anyone, she also felt that her “secret” was something so shameful that it could not be revealed, although to many of us it doesn’t sound that “bad”.

Can you imagine how something like that can affect somebody’s life and health? Hiding something so important from your own children? Being cast out by your own parents and siblings?

There was a lot of emotional cleansing to be done first of all. To help with that I prescribed Lac Humanum. That opened the flood gates of emotions, tears, grief and she overcame her sense of guilt. She forgave herself. Once she forgave herself, she was ready to forgive her husband, whom she was “punishing”, by feeling helpless and forcing him to deal with her needs.

After that I prescribed Rhus Tox, to deal with her physical symptoms, particularly the stiffness.

The total length of treatment was one year. She stopped coming once her stiffness eased enough to allow her to walk independently. She was also able to reduce the doses of medication, which took away the hallucianation episodes.

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