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Homeopathy Heal


Disclaimer: the following article is for education purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome is one of those chronic conditions that are supposed to be life long and can only be “managed”, according to allopathic medicine.

Alternative medicine or natural medicine, like homeopathy, can be more effective.

Why is that?

Once again, it’s because homeopathy recognises the links between the physical and emotional planes and works on the energetic level, treating the whole person, not the condition.

So what is IBS?

IBS is an inflammatory condition that affects the digestive system and causes stomach cramps, diarrhea and stomach bloating. The causes are unknown.

In my experience, IBS is directly linked to the emotional state and stress levels. Every single patient I have seen suffering from this condition had a long history of stress or emotional trauma that was never resolved.

Homeopathy can help process the emotional issues at the same time as the physical symptoms and that is when you see results!

One lady came to me suffering from IBS. She was incredibly thin, as she could only eat few types of food and not a lot of it either. She was also very sensitive to any pharmaceutical medication. Her symptoms had started in childhood and it was clear from what she told me in consultation, that she had suffered extreme emotional neglect as a child and later on, domestic abuse. At the time of the first consultation, she was in a relationship with a man who, while not abusive, was definitely exploiting her financially, yet she was committed to the relationship.

A few weeks into the treatment, her physical symptoms had improved, but. even better, she had come to the realization that she had to end the relationship. She was finally becoming her own person and was strong enough to stop other people from taking advantage of her for the first time!

This is what happens with homeopathy sometimes and it is the most gratifying thing: you are not just healing, you are transforming! You become what you are supposed to be!


Nux Vomica: stomach cramps, diarrhea after eating, sensitive to spices

Lycopodium: bloatedeness in the stomach, frequent belching, which ameliorates

Tuberculinum: general sensitivity and allergic reaction to most things, restlessness, irritability, urge to change and move from place to place or change jobs frequently, deep sense of dissatisfaction

There are many more remedies of course and it is important to see a homeopath for a full assessment.

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