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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a 250-year-old system of medicine that is safe, gentle and very effective. It is based on the principle that ‘Like Cures Like’. Homeopathy is used by over 1.5 billion people around the world: it is the official form of medicine alongside traditional medicine in countries like Switzerland and India and covered by medical insurance in Germany and Luxemburg.

Safe: Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive & completely safe for everyone – young, old, pregnant women, babies & even if you are already on many other forms of medication.

Ethical: Homeopathic remedies are not tested on animals, but on healthy volunteers!

Effective: Unlike traditional medicine, homeopathy does not seek to simply suppress your symptoms or “manage” chronic conditions with drugs that you need to take forever, rather bring real healing.

Why does Homeopathy work?

Like other forms of holistic treatments, homeopathy knows that the body has the power to heal itself: all it needs is a gentle “push”.

Is homeopathy like herbal medicine?

No. Herbal medicine is still made from material substance that can have dangerous side effects and react with other medication you may be taking. Homeopathic remedies can be made from any substance, not just plants and, because of the ultra-dilution method, there are no side effects.

What happens in a consultation?

The first consultation can take anything up to 90 minutes, the follow ups can be shorter. I will listen to your current symptoms and whatever aspects of your life are most relevant to form a full picture of who you are and what makes you tick. This will help me select the remedy that fits you best.

How long will it take for me to feel better?

This is dependent on a number of things:

Your vitality: A young person will generally respond faster to a remedy than an older person

The nature of the condition: A fever is short & intense…a fever remedy should make a noticeable difference within a few minutes. However something like ME is progressive & slow…only becoming apparent after many years. Improvement for this type of condition might only be evident after a few months.

Is there any evidence it will work?

Homeopathy has been around for nearly 300 years; if it didn’t work, it would be dead by now! If you wish to know more about this, please go to the Homeopathic Research Institute.

Can I take homeopathic remedies alongside drugs from my doctor?

Yes, homeopathy is an energy medicine, there will be no chemical interaction between the conventional & homeopathic medication inside your body. However as the remedies begin to heal your body you may need to adjust your medication. For this reason it is recommended that you should inform your G.P when commencing homeopathic treatment.

My child has accidentally eaten all the pills in the bottle! What can I do?

There is no danger of “overdosing” in homeopathy. One is dose is whatever you take in one go, therefore there is no difference between taking one, two or a whole bottle of pellets.

Why do some homeopathic brands advise to take 5 pellets as one dose?

This is a purely marketing ploy. One drop or ten are the same, as well as one pellet is the same as five or ten. What matters in homeopathy is the frequency of dosing and the potency of the remedy.

What is “potency”?

Potency refers to the number of dilutions and the dilution ratio of the original substance. In homeopathy, the more a substance is diluted and succussed (shaken) the more powerful it is. The number you see on the bottle (for example: 30c) refers to the number of times the remedy has been diluted. The letter C or M is in Roman numeral and refers to the ratio. C=100, therefore the ratio is one part of substance to 100 of water or sugar of milk.

Do coffee and mint antidote remedies?

In general, strong smells or substances can cancel the effect of homeopathic remedies. This is not true for everyone, however and therefore, it is something that everyone can find out for themselves. In Hahnemann’s time coffee had just been introduced and people were not used to its effects, which was therefore much stronger than it is for us today.

Why should I not touch the pellets with my hands?

Pellets are usually made of sugar of milk briefly immersed in the potentized liquid remedy. The natural oils from our skin might interfere with that.

What if my child doesn’t like the pellets or is too young to take them?

Pellets can be dissolved in water and even a drop on a baby’s lips is a perfectly effective dose.

Can I find lactose-free and alcohol free remedies?

Yes, just ask your pharmacy or your homeopath. There are also remedy especially prepared to be compatible with specific religious requirements.

What is a “proving”?

A proving of the remedy occurs when the patient has perhaps taken a remedy too often or the potency is too strong and new symptoms appear that the patient never had before, but that belong to the remedy description. This is easily resolved by simply suspending the remedy or taking Camphora to antidote the effect.

What is an aggravation?

This is a temporary worsening of existing symptoms. In the past, homeopaths used to think that it was a necessary condition in order to see whether a remedy was working. In fact, that is not the case and Hahnemann wrote about it in his later editions of his work. If the remedy is correctly dosed at the correct potency, aggravations should not occur.

How do I store my remedies?

The main thing is to keep remedies away from EMF sources and in cool and dry places. Remedies will last virtually forever when stored like this.

What is a “constitutional remedy”?

When choosing the correct remedy, the homeopath will consider all of your symptoms or the “totality of the symptoms”. The remedy will therefore match your individual constitution. Please note that your constitution can change over time, depending on your lifestyle and other factors, therefore you will not always have the same constitutional remedy and it is important to work with your homeopath in case of illness.



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