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Ruby is a corundum made up with aluminium oxide that can vary in colour from pink to deep red.

Because of its colour this stone has always been associated with the sun and blood related health issues.

Sanskrit has many different words for ruby and it is a very important healing stone in Ayurvedic medicine. It is often referred to as the “king of gemstones”.


The main themes of this stone are: impulsivity, masculine energy, passion. All these themes have of course a benefic and negative side. The idea is to turn impulsivity into positive intuition, random masculine energy into courage and passion tempered with reason.

Ruby also has the theme of responsibility, as a burden. When someone is so pressured and attached to their job or social status that it becomes a weight. They want to quit but often don’t have the courage to do so. Too much guilt, crisis of conscience. Ruby can help rebalance that.

Compare with the remedy Aurum: the theme of responsibility, social status, ambition. On the physical level: all ailments related to the heart and blood circulation.

In general, Ruby has an affinity to the solar plexus and its related internal organs. When the Chi or vital force is not flowing freely, whenever there is a block, we may experience emotional imbalances, especially outbursts of anger, resentment. When emotions are not allowed an outlet, they stagnate inside: this can cause physical symptoms, including heart conditions, blood circulation issues. Ruby has been used over the centuries as blood cleanser.

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