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This new strep remedy seems to have amazing potential in clinical practice

I want to share some info about this new remedy. This remedy was created a few years ago by German homeopath Dr Andreas Tilch.

As you know, a strep nosode remedy has already been available for a long time, however, this one is different.

The preparation of this remedy is by trituration, rather than simply dilution. The methodology seems to make a difference in terms of remedy picture. The potencies available are also slightly different from what we are used to: the lowest potency is 10c and then it goes up to 40c, 1.3M, 7.3M and 46.6M, before going into LM potencies. The choice of potencies is the result of specific calculations, explained by Dr. Tilch in the training course.

Dr. Tilch proved the remedy and has been prescribing it for a few years in his clinic with amazing results. To the point where it made him wonder whether this remedy might be a new polycrest and a miasm on its own.

There is currently a book about this remedy and a training course for homeopaths on what this remedy does and case studies.

I attended the course and, consequently, I have started to integrate this remedy in my practice and that is why I am keen for more homeopaths to learn about this remedy.

So far, I have personally proved this remedy, as well as prescribing it to some of my patients, particularly in cases of ASD and PANDAS. However, Dr. Tilch has found that this remedy can be very beneficial for many other challenging cases, where all other chosen remedies had previously failed. This would suggest that Strep C5-Tilch is a stand-alone miasm, like Tuberculinum or Psorinum.

The only challenge to spreading the knowledge of this remedy is that so far, courses and books about this remedy are in German, which I fortunately can speak, but the idea is to create a training course in English.

There is a short interview in English that gives some information, which is freely available.

In order help create a course in English, I am trying to raise awareness of this remedy and, if enough people are interested in taking the course, it will be available in English too.

The cost of the course will be very affordable, around 90 Euros.

If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected] , so I can build up a waiting list and keep you up to date on the course dates.



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