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Summer is the season when insects are more annoying, as we go out more and wear lighter clothes.

Hotter countries are worse of course, which is why holidays can be ruined by mosquitos, bees or ticks…I wish I had known about homeopathy when I was a child and was regularly targeted by the local tiger mosquitos: the bites would turn into massive red bubbles on my skin and they itched like mad, nothing helped, except running ice cubes on my skin, but only temporarily…

The remedy Apis would have helped me so much! This remedy is actually made from bee’s venom (Apis is Latin for “bee”) and the symptoms are exactly what I suffered:


-incredible itchiness

-better for cold application

The sooner you take the remedy after being bitten, the fastest it acts. When I started studying homeopathy, I bought my first kit and couldn’t wait to try all the remedies! That’s why I was so delighted when my younger son came back running in the house one day, screaming after a wasp had stung him on the hand: I finally had a chance to try the remedy Apis!

I gave him one pellet of Apis 30c and the whole thing disappeared withing twenty minutes! The hand looked like nothing had ever happen and my son forgot all about it and went back out to play! RESULT!

Aconite is also useful, if you feel really scared after being bitten, especially if it was a big meanie of a wasp or bumble bee and you are particularly scared of those.

Ledum is another must-have if you are planning a holiday in the sun or camping or simply spending more time outdoors. This remedy is particularly indicated for any puncture wound, including needles or stepping on a sharp object. Therefore this remedy can be used to prevent infections after any bite from bees, spiders or ticks. In case of tick bite, if you are worried about possible Lyme, the following protocol is useful:

-Ledum 200c three times a day the first day

-twice a day for one week

-once a day for three weeks

Staphysagria is also useful for children who get bitten by mosquitos and the bite turns into huge welts (like what happened to me as a child), but the difference with Apis is that in Staphysagria the affected area is cold, rather than hot.

Cantharis helps when the main symptom is burning as well as itching.

If you are having an anaphilactic reaction, you are having trouble breathing, feeling weak or nauseous, look pale around the mouth, do seek medical help and in the meantime, you can take Carbolicum Acidum.

Rhus Tox: when the itchiness is absolutely unbearable and the more you itch the worse it gets. One of my patients was bitten all over by chiggers and tried all the other usual remedies, then she remembered that she felt exactly like when she got poison ivy and Rhus Tox had helped and the same remedy saved her again!

Finally, Hypericum can be very helpful in case of shooting painsafter an insect bite.

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