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The Source:

Technically, pearls are not minerals and are not found under ground. On the other hand, they are made out of calcium carbonate, which is a mineral, but produced by an animal, usually an oyster.

So how does that happen? We all know that it is when the oyster feels that there is an irritant, something intrusive or potentially dangerous, something that shouldn’t be there, the oyster isolates it by covering it in this substance. It’s a kind of damage control exercise.

The end result is this “pearl”, little pillule that looks very pretty, but, essentially, it comes from the suffering of this creature. It also takes quite some time to form, slowly layer after layer, in concentric formation, like an onion.

Pearls are typically white and that is part of the reason why they were always associated with purity and virginity. You also usually find only one pearl in the oyster.

From Source to Keynotes:

The nature of the pearl and the slowness remind us of the remedy Calc carb, which is of course related, as that is what makes up the shell.

Slowness, affinity with bone structure, craving for carbs and sweet stuff.

Loneliness is another emotional feature. If Diamond is the king of the gemstones, Pearl is the queen, which sounds great, but we need to remember that it is often “lonely at the top”.

Other characteristics are:

-vulnerability, feeling of being “crushed”

-claustrophobia, fear of the dark

-sense of isolation, insecurity/desires solitude, protection

-lack of boundaries

-affinity with the phases of the moon

-water imagery, especially in dreams

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