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As mother of an eleven year old child with 

(recovering) and homeopath, I have been on this road for a while. That’s why it can be frustrating for me to see parents make the mistakes that I made years ago: I wish I could save everybody time and money and this is one of the main reasons why I do what I do. Perhaps I can reach more people with this article.


I am very grateful for Functional Medicine and Biomedicine, I consider it a step forward and closer to the homeopathic principle of treating the individual and not the condition. The appeal is very real and understandable: who doesn’t want to get to the root cause of our children’s issues in order to solve them? Once you know the cause, you can address it with the appropriate diet/supplementation intervention and “Bob’s your uncle”, right? Well, not quite.

When I found out that there was a biomedical doctor specialised in treating autism over in Washington state, I lost not time: he came with glowing reviews and testimonials and the promise was to do the most complete DNA test currently available and fix the issues with natural supplements. What’s not to like?

The test set me back a couple of thousands $ plus additional fees to interpret the results and more money for a bucketload of supplements and vitamins that my son took for three months. After that, no changes in my son’s symptoms, so the doctor suggested more tests for all sorts of things: Epstein-Barr, strep…it was a long list. By then I was several thousands dollars poorer and no results. On the plus side, I had learnt a lot about genetic mutations, methylation and the role of vitamins, enzymes and electrolytes…

What this experience taught me is this: there is always another test around the corner! The body is soooo complex (groundbreaking news, I know) that everything is connected to everything else, who knew? On top of it all, our kids have so many issues that there is no one root cause, but several and it is impossible to know which one came first, it’s like the chicken and the egg thing.

Thank God homeopathy makes everything much more simple (not easy) by treating the individual as a whole instead of getting lost in the details to the point where you can’t see the wood for the trees!


I have done this too. There are a lot of social media mums groups that swap advice on autism treatments and the ones I joined were wonderful help to me. So many warrior mums there, researching, blogging, helping their children, it’s an education in itself! The only downside (don’t mean to nitpick) can be that you are almost “spoilt for choice” when it comes to treatments and there are new fads all the time: Zeolite, TRS, Fulvic Acid anyone?

Did I try them all? You bet! As long as something was natural, non invasive and didn’t break the bank, I was in!

There is always a kind of “adrenalin rush” when you are trying a new supplement, the hope that this could be “the one”, the “missing piece of the puzzle”…when we find out it isn’t, we can quickly jump to the next one and this can be counterproductive. I had some patients who were doing well on their remedies but the mother had heard of this or that new clinic doing a trial of a particular treatment and decided to leave, only to come back a year or so later…

The takeaway here is: it’s ok to look around and shop around for effective treatment, however, if you are on to something good, stick to it and be patient and you will reap more rewards!



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