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Holidays can be a wonderful time and a chance to make memories for your children, however, they often come with a lot of stress too. This is especially true if you have a child with autism.

There are practical concerns: is your child upset by the change of routine? Are there sensory issues with loud noises, crowds? Does your child have no sense of danger? And what about the food?

Sometimes parents decide that staying at home is the least stressful option.

Yet, there are things you can do to minimise stress and make sure the whole family has a good time.

Here are a few tips:

1-even if your child is routine-bound and does not do well with changes or transitions from one situation to another, it does not mean that he cannot be gently encouraged to get out of his comfort zone a little bit. This is important, because new experiences create new synapses in the brain, help increase self-confidence and self-esteem, learn and store new information and become a bit more flexible.

Bach remedy Walnut can help with accptance of new situations and transition in such cases.

2-If your child is very hyperactive and loves movement, the worst part of traveling might be the waiting around in ariports or train stations, rather than the actual flight or train journey. Bach remedy Impatiens would help.

3-If your child’s issue is fear of new experiences and they are anxious before traveling, Gelsemium is a good remedy.

4-Food can be an issue, if your child is a picky eater, therefore packing a few favourite foods can be a possiblity, however, do not underestimate the effect of a new environment (and hunger) on your child: my son started to eat meat and roast potatoes the first time we went to Italy with him when he was three years old: he only ate carbs at the time (but not roast potatoes, funnily enough) and he tried roast and potatoes for the first time and loved it! He ate pretty much everything that was on offer during that holiday.

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