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International Homeopath, Teacher, Author

Let’s heal together! 

"There are no illnesses, but sick people" Samuel Hahnemann

Hi, my name is Giovanna, I am an international homeopath, author, teacher and mother of a complex child.
Learning and sharing holistic knowledge is my passion. Transforming people’s lives is my mission.

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Meet Giovanna

When my son was diagnosed with autism, I started my quest for solutions that might help him overcome his challenges, such as lack of communication and behavioural issues. Conventional medicine had nothing to offer, I was told to simply try and get over the shock and grief after the diagnosis and maybe try counselling. Biomedical treatments and functional doctors drained my bank account but provided no solution either. Yet, I felt that I had to try everything I could to help my son: he had no friends, his school called me every day to complain about his behaviour, I was anxious and worried every day, holidays and days out were impossible, we had no life. 

Finally, I came across homeopathy: a holistic, natural and safe modality that did not break the bank, what was not to like? 

The results I saw with homeopathy convinced me to study to become a fully qualified homeopath and share what learnt with other parents and that has been my mission ever since. 

After studying classical homeopathy for four years at the School of Homeopathy in Stroud, England, I delved into Sankaran’s Sensation Method and the Banerjii Protocols and obtained a diploma in nutrition and naturopathy. I am also a qualified Clinical Supervisor and my book Gifts from the Earth, Gemstone Remedies in Homeopathy is available on Amazon.


Homeopathy heals the individual, not the disease. Like Dr. Hahnemann said nearly 300 years ago, “there are no illnesses but sick people”. When you say things like: “I’ve got autism”, “I’ve got IBS”, “I’ve got depression”, you are limiting your self and at the same time identifying your self with a particular medical condition. You are labelling yourself. 

Yet you are so much more than your diagnosis! 

If every single person is unique, there cannot be a one-size-fits-all treatment and this is where homeopathy excels. 



Homeopathy in the local community

Homeopathy takes me around the world and it is a joy but Scotland is my home and I am happy and honoured to be part of a non-profit organization called Heal Scotland. Check out the link for more information on homeopathy courses and retreats around Scotland. 
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More healing tools: Zyto Bio Scan and Vibe

Homeopathy is energy medicine and it is becoming more and more apparent that everything in the universe is about energy and frequency. Technology and science are finally catching up and there are very useful tools that help patients in my practice. 
The Zyto Bio Scan helps to identify imbalances in the body. You can read more about it and book your Bio Scan report HERE.
Another fantastic healing help is the VIBE: a small and practical device that emits healing frequences, that you can choose from a protocol menu, according to your symptoms. You can find more information HERE.