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Alternative Medicine Glasgow – I am a classical homeopath and naturopath based in Glasgow, UK but thanks to Skype and online consultations I’m able to help people all over the world.

My mission is to restore your health and vitality with my expertise in natural and holistic healthcare.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine that recognises our bodies innate intelligence and ability to self-heal. Homeopathic remedies gently stimulate the body on a bio-energetic level to bring our physical, nental and emotional planes into balance.

What can homeopathy help you with?

Homeopathy can help with most conditions: from skin issues like eczema and psoriasis to IBS, thyroid conditions, Obesity and Diabetes, menopause, not to mention emotional and mental conditions like: depression, PTSD and many more.

Your treatment plan will be completely individualised and works in two steps:

Step 1: after the first consultation, I select your constitutional remedy. This is your personal homeopathic remedy that will act on your physical, emotional and energetic level to rebalance your wellbeing over the course of your treatment.

Step 2: real food is the best tool to maintain your new found balance and take control of your health. Diet is important, but it has to be right for you and that’s where my expertise in naturopathy can help you select the supplements and nutritional support you need.

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Alternative medicine Glasgow
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Real healing comes from within. This is a statement we hear often, but what does it mean?

Artificial medication can alter the chemistry in our bodies and temporarily suppress our symptoms. For any chronic conditions like asthma, eczema, IBS or depression and so on, this means that the symptoms can be suppressed for as long as we take the medication. This is why so many people end up taking medication for years and are even told that they need to take medication for life, with all the unwanted side effects!

Homeopathy takes the opposite approach: symptoms are the language our body speaks to communicate the dis-ease. They should not be shut down, rather they should be carefully listened to! The homeopathic remedy stimulates the system just enough to allow the body to heal itself. This way health is restored naturally, without using any artificial external agents. It also means that, once balance is restored, there is no need to keep taking the remedy and see the homeopath again!

Many conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, allergies, can be managed effectively with the help of homeopathy and an individualised diet and supplementation plan.

How does Naturopathy help?

Naturopathy is the part of holistic healthcare that studies how our diet affects our health and what types of food, vitamins, minerals and neutraceuticals work best to improve, boost and maintain our immune system and our health.

We need to eat every day, therefore what we put into our bodies matters! There is so much conflicting information out there on “what to eat and what not to eat”, “superfoods”, all sorts of different diets, from keto to fructarian…one day eggs are bad for you and the next day you can’t have too many eggs in your diet! It can be confusing: which is right?

Holistic healthcare -The holistic approach

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all, because, once again, we need to remind ourselves that we are all different and therefore our treatment needs to reflect our individuality.

Homeopathy and Naturopathy treat the individual, not the condition. While it is true that there is no cure for conditions like asthma or diabetes, my holistic treatment aims at helping the individual, not the diagnosis!

Emotional wellbeing is also key to real health – holistic healthcare Glasgow 

Have you ever noticed how when you have a chronic condition, it always flares up or gets worse in times of particular stress? Sometime that’s actually how the condition started in the first place!

Even conventional medicine recognises that stress is a very important component of our health. Going through a divorce, moving to a different country, exams stress or other types or trauma, can literally change the biochemical structure of our body and produce physical symptoms.

Homeopathy pays particular attention to the way we react to stress in life, which is unique to each individual.

Lesley, UK (Diabetes)

“I was in a lot of pain with arthritis, liver problems and type 1 diabetes. My quality of life was not good and all the medication damaged my liver, so I decided to try homeopathy and now I am pain-free for the first time in years!” – Lesley

Happy Mum, UK (ADHD)

“My child has a diagnosis of ASD and ADHD and he was constantly in trouble at school for his aggressive behaviour. He was aggressive towards me too and I was scared I couldn’t handle him once he grew up…after the first dose of his remedy I started to see him smile and now he is a happy boy and can handle school much better!” – Happy Mum


Homeopathy report. I am actually quite amazed. Seeing a definitive step change in the way my periods run-flow, clotting, pain-all unlike they’ve been for the last 10 years, Wow.


“I have been to see Giovanna for both of my sons and for myself.

She is professional, friendly and extremely good at what she does.

Would not hesitate in recommending her or using her homeopathic remedies in the future.” – Karen.


“I’ve been meaning to message you. I’ve been four days without any symptoms of yeast, I’m so excited and relieved! Thank you!” – Rene’.


“The headache lifted, noise sensitivity is better, I am more collected. Not as apt for fight or flight.” – Beth.