Homeopathy Heals

Homeopathy Heal

Homeopathy for Autism, ADHD, PANS and PANDAS

GIOVANNA FRANKLIN PDHom – Autism is treatable 

Common Struggles your ADHD or Autistic Child May Face

  • Non verbal or Speech delayed
  • A restricted diet
  • Not making eye contact
  • Not sleeping through the night
  • Hyperactivity or Not being able to sleep
  • Oversensitive or Under-sensitive to sensory stimuli like noise, light, touch and pain
  • Routine-bound/obsessive about certain topics 

Can you Imagine a Different Life for your Child

Once your child received the diagnosis of autism, you were probably told that there is very little you can do.

When my son was diagnosed with autism, we were simply told that autism is a life-long disability and we should consider ourselves lucky that, at four years old, he was at least potty trained… Forget about ever having a conversation with your child, making friends, riding a bike or even taking your child for a haircut without drama!

I remember listening to one parent describe the reaction to the diagnosis almost like a “bereavement”: the life you had hoped for your child growing up, from academic achievements to family events, all the fun things you were looking forward to sharing with your child are suddenly taken away from you.

Instead, you are now in a constant state of anxiety and fight or flight mode: “Is my child going to be okay at school?” “How do I know what to do if he is ill or in pain and cannot tell me what’s wrong”? “How can I get my child to sleep through the night, so that I can have some rest too?” Holidays and family visits are an ordeal, because you need to plan every single detail in advance, it can be so exhausting and overwhelming.

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Ready to Transform your Life?

My mission is to help children like my son reach their full potential and give families peace of mind. In over ten years on this journey, I have got the experience and the tools to help you find the right healing strategy that suits your individual needs. 

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Giovanna Franklin

Meet Giovanna

When my son was diagnosed with autism, I started my quest for solutions that might help him overcome his challenges, such as lack of communication and behavioural issues. Conventional medicine had nothing to offer, I was told to simply try and get over the shock and grief after the diagnosis and maybe try counselling. Biomedical treatments and functional doctors drained my bank account but provided no solution either. Yet, I felt that I had to try everything I could to help my son: he had no friends, his school called me every day to complain about his behaviour, I was anxious and worried every day, holidays and days out were impossible, we had no life. 

Finally, I came across homeopathy: a holistic, natural and safe modality that did not break the bank, what was not to like? 

The results I saw with homeopathy convinced me to study to become a fully qualified homeopath and share what learnt with other parents and that has been my mission ever since. 

After studying classical homeopathy for four years at the School of Homeopathy in Stroud, England, I delved into Sankaran’s Sensation Method and the Banerjii Protocols and obtained a diploma in nutrition and naturopathy. I am also a qualified Clinical Supervisor and my book Gifts from the Earth, Gemstone Remedies in Homeopathy is available on Amazon.

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Why Should You Use Homeopathy Heals?

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What are the Benefits of Homeopathy

Imagine you could “fix” only one of your child’s symptoms, say restricted diet. One of my patients was only eating dry cereals, pasta and biscuits. Literally nothing else.

Not only was his diet super-restricted but the cereals and biscuits had to be a certain brand or he wouldn’t even eat that. Something like a simple day trip, not to mention longer holidays, were an ordeal, as the mother had to remember to pack the right food along with the clothes!

A few weeks into my program, this child started to look at his parents’ plate at dinner and decided to try something new!

As you can see, after just a few weeks of natural treatment we saw great strides of progress within the boy. He was now feeling more comfortable branching out his tastes in food, making his mother’s life a whole lot easier to manage and less stressful.

Account of a Mother who had her Son Treated

Homeopathy with Giovanna Franklin has been a huge gift to our family. My son is diagnosed with autism and displayed numerous challenges including anxiety, night waking, difficulty with change, not wanting to play with more than one other child at a time, having difficulty expressing his emotions, learning difficulties and behavioural issues.

Since working with Giovanna, many of the challenges have subsided. He is now sleeping through the night 95% of the time, he is rarely anxious, he is much more social and can play in small groups, he will try out new environments and classes, and he is making a lot of progress towards explaining how he is feeling, and slowly the intense behaviour is calming down and he is starting to think a bit before he acts.

Giovanna is such an excellent practitioner because she really cares and will “think outside the box” when needed for treatment. I highly recommend her services!  

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The domino effect of healing with Homeopathy

He gradually expanded his range of food and his mother was able to introduce more healthy options and this ONE change cascaded into other areas, so that:

  • he became more flexible and the whole family was able to enjoy going out for dinner without stressing out about the menu
  • constipation was no longer an issue his mood improved (constipation was also causing pain, which would make him very irritable)
  • eating a healthier diet improved his immune system, so that he was less prone to coughs and colds (which vitamins and supplements had not been able to affect)
  • the whole family was able to visit relatives and enjoy holidays away from home more often and easily
  • the stress level for the whole family was greatly reduced