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Bach flash card remedies pouch

The Bach flower flash cards are 38, one for each flower, with a short description and come with a beautiful linen pouch

To purchase: £30/$40 each via Paypal.me/homeopathyheals

Bach Flower Remedies for ASD and ADHD

Suitable for practitioners and parents. Discover how flower remedies can be an invaluable emotional support alongside homeopathic remedies or any other modality.

Price: £40/$50 

To purchase: paypal.me/homeopathyheals

Tissue Salts: in this 26-page e-book, you will find a practical manual and the Ailment Chart at the back will help you select the correct salt or combination of salts.

Price: £10/$15

To purchase: paypal.me/homeopathyheals


Sea Remedies Course

Discover the healing properties of sea remedies: do you think you know Calcarea Carbonica and Natrum Muriaticum? In this ten-module course you will be looking at familiar and rare sea remedies from a different perspective.

Ten modules, Pdf notes and two recordings.

Price: $100

To purchase: paypal.me/homeopathyheal

Deep Dive Homeopathy for ASD, ADHD, PANS and PANDAS

Suitable for prescribers and parents with a basic knowledge of homeopathy. Everything you need to know to prescribe the right remedy but also a deep look into nutrition and supplementation. 

The course includes Pdf notes for each module and 11 recorded videos, one for each module. 

Module 1: What we know about these conditions

Module 2: Overview of different holistic approaches 

Module 3:  Kingdoms in Homeopathy, Plant remedies for complex kids

Module 4: Animal remedies for complex kids

Module 5: Mineral and gemstone remedies for complex kids

Module 6: Miasms in homeopathy

Module 7: Bach flower remedies 

Module 8: Bowel Nosodes

Module 9: Detoxing

Module 10 &11: case studies

Price: £450/$540 

To purchase: paypal.me/homeopathyheal

Gifts From the Earth-Gemstone Remedies in Homeopathy
Paperback book available on Amazon

Gifts from the earth

Practice Accelerator: from start-up to the stars!

Starting your own practice can be a daunting enterprise. Most schools offer little business advise and there are so many things to think about, when all you want to do is help people! 

Many qualified homeopaths give up practicing after a few years, when the practice simply does not take off and clients are few and far between.  

As a qualified clinical supervisor, I can support you in your final stages of your homeopathy qualification, help you get your practice get off the ground and revitalize a tired practice. 


 With my practice accelerator, I will help you craft your unique message, that will speak to the kind of patients you are looking for.  The course includes recorded videos and live one-to-one sessions for a total of five modules. 

Price: $250 

To purchase: paypal.me/homeopathyheal