Homeopathy Courses

This is your opportunity to learn how to prescribe for yourself and your family in acute situations!

Here is what you can learn:

Beginners level

  • Difference between acute and chronic condition
  • Basic Materia Medica
  • How to repertorise symptoms
  • Homeopathy for first aid
  • Potency
  • Dosage
  • Tissue Salts Remedies

More advanced level

  • Homeopathic types in children
  • Homeopathy for colds and flu and cough

Specialist subjects (for both advanced students or qualified homeopaths)

  • Gemstones remedies
  • The noble gases in homeopathy
  • The radioactive elements in homeopathy
first aid kit

Beginners Course Curriculum

Tissue Salt Curriculum

Advanced Level Curriculum

  • Unit 1: Principles of Homeopathy-Acute vs chronic
  • Unit 2: Potency
  • Unit3: How to repertorise
  • Unit 1: Introduction to the salts and the relationship with homeopathic remedies
  • Unit 2: the 12 cell salts
  • Unit 3: dosage and case studies
  • Unit 1: Homeopathy types in children
  • Unit 2: Colds, coughs and flu
  • Unit 4: Dosing and case studies
  • Unit 5: Materia Medica, 18 common remedies

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Homeopathy can be used by all of the family, it is a safe medicine that can be used for first aid prescribing.

Quick reference topic learning

Remedies for many topics including:

coughs, colds and flu; hay fever; cuts and bruises; PMS; insect bites and much more!

natural remedies